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Maidreamin Maid Café is a coffee shop in DenDen town, close to Namba station. The inside of the shop looks like a dollhouse and  the maids are actually part of the attraction themselves.
Away from the neon lights of Namba and just moments from the office towers of Umeda, on a quiet street in Osaka’s Fukushima District is Ayamuya, the ONLY yakitori shop in Osaka to earn a Michelin star. Courses start from around 2000 yen in this hole in the wall eatery with plenty of character.
The Meiji Chocolate Factory is conveniently located between Osaka and Kyoto on the JR Kyoto line, in Takatsuki. You can’t miss it, as the world’s biggest chocolate coloured bar is located right next to the train tracks.
Moomin treats and goods at the Moomin Stand in Tennoji, Osaka.
Cafe Talisman offers Sailor Moon-themed treats with a sophisticated twist. 
Ikkaku is a small chain restaurant which originated in Kagawa and now serves up incredible, succulent chicken in Osaka, Yokohama, Takamatsu and Marugame. The secret recipe keeps people coming back and queues for take away is quite common. Rumors have it that the secret taste has elements of garlic and paprika. 
Delicious Indian restaurant with freshly baked all-you-can-eat nan and Tandoori, accessible from 4 stations in center Osaka.
A 200-year old Kombu specialty shop that serves surprisingly delicious kelp ice cream!