Hanamiyama Park

Flowers, flowers, everywhere

 By Radica Sooknarine   Apr 16, 2015

Every spring across Japan, crowds gather for the much anticipated hanami, or "flower viewing". While cherry blossoms are most popular, the warmth of spring paints the landscape in a pallet of colors with many different kinds of flowers. A short trip from Fukushima Station brings you to Hanamiyama Park--literally "Flower Viewing Mountain" Park. The place is huge and offers a wide range of flower viewing opportunities. Take a rest on some benches to take in the whole view, or stroll one of three walking courses (the longest is an hour) to take in all this flower paradise has to offer. 

From Fukushima Station, take the #6 bus. a round-trip ticket costs 500 yen. Be mindful of when the last bus is or you may need a taxi or walk an hour back to the station. 

Photography by Radica Sooknarine
JapanTravel Member

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Ken k a month ago
Very Beautiful!
Preethu 2 months ago
Looks so beautiful!
Mandy Bartok a year ago
Lovely photos, Radica! You're right - there is so much more than just sakura. I love the irises and hydrangea that arrive in June.
Radica Sooknarine Photographer a year ago
Indeed there is Mandy. Don't forget the fields of cosmos In autumn too.
Iain Stanley a year ago
a trip worth taking indeed!!
Radica Sooknarine Photographer a year ago
I highly recommend it because even after the cherry blossoms are gone, the other flowers will still be there.
Relinda Puspita a year ago
It's really beautiful park!
Radica Sooknarine Photographer a year ago
It is! :)