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Located on the roof in the exclusive Aoyama district of Tokyo awaits a truly special dining experience. The aptly named Aoyama Laputa Garden has extraordinary views of the surrounding area that may have you feeling like you are dining in the clouds.

Visit an izakaya just outside of Shijo Station in Kyoto, which prides itself in supporting baseball fans! Although their supporting team are the Softban Hawks, all baseball fans are welcome.

In central Hamamatsu in Japan's Shizuoka prefecture, Mein Schloss is a lively restaurant, craft brewery and bar fashioned after a German beerhall.
Enjoy Complex Japanese Craft Beers Steps From Harajuku's Famed Takeshita Street.
The Beer Mount is a beer garden located on Mt. Takao in Tokyo. This all-you-can-eat and -drink feast is a summertime treat for hikers.
Dining Zapot is a bar specializing in an extensive variety of alcoholic drinks and have concocted their very own cocktails. With a jungle feel, Zapot is a unique and trendy dining experience only a few minutes walk from JR Kita Senju Station in Tokyo, Japan.
An unique Hokkaido experience near Sendai, the Sapporo Beer Sendai Beer En!