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Part of a chain based in the Tohoku area, this value-for-money karaoke experience is unique. Located in a multi-story car park, there is self-serve curry-rice, snacks, popsicles and alcoholic drinks.
Karaoke in the Eastern-most City, Nemuro. Sing and dance until 3am, and then catch the first sunrise over Japan in summer.
This small bar, hidden down Nagarekawa, offers food, fun, free karaoke and an extensive range of cocktails all served by Ken the friendly bar man.
Kitsch Americana and Maizuru Curry makes its home at Joke American Pub and Karaoke Bar. The curry here is made to order, with a tasty and chewy texture. Only the best ground beef is used, and you can taste the various spices, unlike some of the blander variants found elsewhere. At less than 700 yen, this is a crowd pleaser from students to business workers alike. And just in case you forget, the owner is clearly proud of the prize winning trophies and the newspaper articles on display around the café
The ultimate 'Rock Star' experience starring you! Enjoy singing solo or with a group in a private room and complimentary beverages. Order food and sign to your heart's content. Sing, eat, drink and be merry, in Japan!
A guide to Kyoto's night life: Beers on the river side, karaoke or night club—whatever you prefer. Or a little bit of everything?
Stray off the beaten path of Osaka night life and have a look at how the locals really relax
Bee: Dining and Darts Bar is a chain bar found in most major cities in Japan. It provides a great alternative or after party to the club scene.