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Every summer, Kamakura beach is home to dozens of funky bars and food stands right on the sand, great places for eating, drinking and people-watching.
A quick trip to Tokyo's unique Bar Tram and Bar Trench, two absinthe and whiskey liquor bars. Try their famous cocktails
A group of lively outdoor bars in Takasaki; food, beer and a great atmosphere!
A night at Zac Baran, one of Kyoto's oldest jazz bars
With views to be had all around Tokyo, instead of just looking at these towers from the ground up, take a ride into the clouds, if only for a round.
The entire grid of streets around central Matsuyama is devoted to bars, restaurants, clubs and shops.
By day, Shinbashi is nothing special. At night, however, salarymen from the surrounding areas flock here for quick meals and cheap beer. Small bars pop up everywhere, and
A trip to Nishi Ogikubo station, a small and thriving neighborhood on JR Chuo Line with tons of restaurants and small bars.