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Incredible Artists at Design Festa
Enjoy art, clothing, photos and jewelry in Odaiba
Design Festa: The most audacious and fun art show that you can enjoy or bring your family to check out and sample the pure feeling of art. #tokyo

Lake Sagami Pleasure Forest
When winter illumination meets Paddington Bear
Experience Kanto's biggest Illumination at Sagamiko Resort Pleasure Forest, and meet Paddington Bear at its place of origin.

Autumn in Geibikei Gorge
River cruising in the middle of pale orange cliffs
A river cruise where soaring limestone cliffs and orange colored leaves line the way.

Togakushi Okusha Shrine
Walk the avenue of cedars to reach the uppermost shrine
Be transported by the mysterious aura of an avenue of cedar woods, and take in the serenity of Togakushi Okusha Shrine on the verge of Mount Togakushi.

Ishidaya Honten Kobe Beef Yakiniku
Restaurant in Kobe that serves authentic Kobe beef
Ishidaya Honten Kobe Beef Yakiniku, a restaurant in Kobe that serves authentic Kobe beef. Super delicious!

Okutama’s Suspension Bridges
Getting up high in rural Tokyo
Located within Tokyo`s rural Okutama district, Shidakura and Dodokoro suspension bridges provide some genuine frills along with some amazing views

Togakushi Chusha Shrine
Spirited shrine in the middle of a restful village
Chusha is the middle shrine of Togakushi Jinja Shrines, located just in the heart of the village of the same name in Nagano Prefecture.

Kitano Tenmangu's Maple Path
A stroll under autumn colors in Kyoto
Kitano Tenmangu's maple path is a recent addition to the list of worthwhile autumn foliage spots in Kyoto.

Tokyo Kokyogaien National Garden
A preview of the Imperial Palace
Forming the main entrance of Imperial Palace, with a series of scenery as magnificent as the main grounds 

Anime-Lovers' Kaiyodo Hobby Museum
10,000 figures on display deep in the heart of Shikoku
Deep in the mountains of Shikoku, with over 10,000 figures and model kits on display, the Kaiyodo Hobby Museum is a popular attraction for Anime-Lovers' and anyone with an interest in Japanese culture.