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Okutama's Kazuma Gorge
Natural beauty within a Tokyo oasis
Often dubbed as Okutama`s most peaceful valley, it is hard not to be impressed by Kazuma Gorge!

Okutama's Hatonous Ravine
Tokyo`s forgotten crown in the jewel
Experience one of Tokyo`s best natural wonders within the beautiful mountainous Okutama district where you will come face to face with a 40 meter high ravine

Fukui's Totoya
Beloved restaurant and pub famous for fish dishes
Totoya serves up home style cooking, specializing in fish dishes. Their secret to success? Food that is cheap, delicious, delivered fast, and comes in big portions!

Tokyo Dome Illumination and Cosplay
Cosplayers enjoying "Promenade of Light"
2.2 million lights coupled with over 6 thousand cosplayers

Cycling Otsu Waterfront
Beautiful bicycle path beside Lake Biwa and Seta River
Path along the edge of Lake Biwa from Hama-Otsu to Ishiyama has great views over the water.

Miyagi's Hotel Harada in Sakura
Pretty hotel just in front of JR Funaoka Station
Located just in front of JR Funaoka Station, Miyagi's Hotel Harada in Sakura becomes a tourist base when Shibata Sakura Festival takes place, featuring '1000 Cherry Trees at a Glance' along Shiroishi River.

1000 Cherry Trees in Winter
Winter scenery with bare trees along Shiroishi River
The winter scenery of the '1000 Cherry Trees at a Glance' along Shiroishi River in Miyagi Prefecture. They look sad in mid winter, but come spring they will bloom brilliantly!

JR Funaoka Station in Miyagi
Traditional-looking station near 1000 cherry trees!
A 30 minute train ride from Sendai, JR Funaoka Station in Miyagi is a starting point to explore the beautiful 1000 Cherry Trees at a Glance on the Shiroishi River bank.

Antique Cafe 'Zatto Mukashi'
Traditional Japanese cafe with cute Mingei goods!
Antique Cafe 'Zatto Mukashi' is a cozy Japanese cafe near Shiroishi River and JR Funaoka Station. It's a great place to take a break after viewing the gorgeous 1000 cherry trees on the river bank.

Otagi Nenbutsu-ji Temple, Kyoto
The temple of 1,200 rakan, the disciples of Buddha
Located deep in the woods of Sagano area of Kyoto, Otagi Nenbutsu-ji Temple is famous for its 1,200 Rakan stone statues. It is also known as the starting point for 'Sagano Meguri (exploring Sagano)'.