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Shirakawa Springs in Autumn
Fall in the Mt Aso region
Autumn is a beautiful time to visit the Shirakawa Springs on the southern slopes of Mt Aso.

Fall Foliage at Enkoji Temple
Autumn splendor in northeastern Kyoto
One of Kyoto's best foliage sites is Enkoji Temple, located in the northeastern part of the city along the eastern mountains.

Natto Factory
Natto Factory at Tengu Natto Musuem and Factory
If you like natto or traditional Japanese dishes, I highly recommend checking out the factory and museum to learn more about the delicious natto.

Fermented Soybeans
Natto is fermented soybeans and it is very popular amongst Japanese people. Natto can be enjoyed at any time of day.

Izumi Outlet and Tapio Illumination
Enjoy the seasonal twilight spectacular
Izumi Outlet, a shopping mall "Tapio" and the Royal Park Hotel are all located in one area. You can see a fantastic view of this area when during the colder months around the holiday season.

Kyoto’s Higashi Honganji
The mother temple of Shinshu Otani-ha
Higashi Honganji is both a temple and a mausoleum for one of the remarkable figures in the history of Japanese Buddhism.

Osaka City Lights
Night shots of Japan's third largest city
Osaka city lights: Night shots of Japan's third largest city

Shibuya Crossing
The world's busiest crossing in Tokyo
There are at least 45,000 pedestrians crossing every 30 minutes during rush hour. The world's busiest crossing is decorated by giant billboards and colorful neon at night.

Oedo Antique Market
A place to hunt antiques in Tokyo
Sunday is a perfect day for antique hunting at Oedo Antique Market, Tokyo

Gassho Folk Village in Autumn
Gero Onsen's folk village boasts fantastic fall foliage
Come to Gassho Folk Park in Gero Onsen in the autumn, when the fiery maples frame thatched roof houses.