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Tokyo Art: Mind Of An Architecture
Frank Gehry's twisted designs at 'I Have An Idea' show

The 'I Have An Idea" exhibition in Roppongi an inspiration.

Aqua Park Shinagawa
Dolphins, sea lions, and penguins oh my!
Aqua Park Shinagawa, also called Shinagawa Aquarium, is a well established aquarium close to Shinagawa Station in Tokyo, Japan.
A tranquil temple in Shimizu
In Shimizu in the suburbs of Shizuoka in central Japan, Myorenji is a small, appealing Buddhist temple with an assortment of interesting statues.
Fussa City Chuo Library
A public library in Fussa City
In the suburbs of Tokyo, Chuo City Library in Fussa City is just one of the many public libraries around Japan, offering complete and free educational services to locals and foreigners alike. 
Shirabu Hot Springs in Yamagata - 1
A ryokan rich with 700 years of history
Visiting a hot spring that has been in business for over 700 years. Considered a secluded and little-known place, I visited Shirabu Hot Springs in Yamagata Prefecture.
Takahatafudoson Kongo Temple
Visit a beautiful five-storied pagoda
See a red five-storied pagoda at Takahatafudoson Kongo Temple and come here in the second half of November for the autumn maple festival.
Kiba Park in Tokyo
An oasis of calm in Koto-ku
Kiba Park in Koto-ku is the perfect retreat from everyday stress with a great view of Tokyo Skytree.
Takaoka Nabe Festival 2016
Many different flavors to keep you warm
Photos of Takaoka Nabe Festival 2016.
Shikoku Temples #18 and #19
A spirtual journey around Komatsushima
Trekking the 18th (Onzan-ji) and 19th (Ritsue-ji) temples of the 88 temple pilgrimage in Shikoku. There is a rest station at Ritsue-ji where people with wicked hearts are said not to be able to continue on.
Early Plum Blossoms in Ikegami
A plum garden near Tokyo's Ikegami Temple
Over 370 plum trees burst into bloom every winter on the grounds of Ikegami Baien in Tokyo's Ota Ward.
Found: 3681 results