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Kamameshi Restaurant
A traditional Japanese meal
The small restaurant packed with hungry visitors
Kamameshi is a traditional Japanese meal where the dish is cooked in an iron pot (the 'kama').

Illuminara: Manyo Botanical Garden
A garden filled with LED lights
The iconic deer of Nara
Until the end of September, the illumination event, 'Illuminara' is held at Manyo Botanical Garden in Nara.

The Iconic Karamon Gate of Eiheiji
Eiheiji Guide 03: Chinese gate to the entrance
This is the famous 'Kara-mon (Chinese Gate)' of Eiheiji temple, which is often used as a profile photo of this famous temple
Complete guide to Eiheiji Temple 03, Fukui: The third guide focuses on 'Kara-mon (Chinese gate)', only accessible to imperial envoys and the master priest.

Universal Studio Japan
Harry Potter and the Magical Starlight Parade
The sign that brings a smile to kids of all ages, the iconic universal ball logo.
In Osaka, there is a place where you can relive your childhood and be transported to a fantasy world. That place is none other than Universal Studio Japan, also known as USJ. This place brings fun and joy for both kids and adults. There is an illuminated parade in the evening and the newly opened Harry Potter Park is very popular. 

Dainenji Temple Site, Sendai
Strolling around the lost temple on a hill
Main gate of Dainenji temple
Ryosokusan Dainenji temple was founded in 1695 by Date Tsunamura, the fourth lord of the Date clan. A 120m high hill, sitting at Sendai’s southeast area is called Dainenji-yama, where the large scale Zen school was opened and thriving during the Edo period. Dainenji temple was demolished after the Meiji Restoration, but the temple's main gate, long line of stone steps and the Date Clan's graveyard are still seen in its original state.

Shingu's Jofuku Memorial Park
Honoring Master Jofuku, this peaceful park is a must
Entrance to Jofuku Memorial Park
If you’re visiting Shingu – especially via train – there’s no excuse to not stop by Jofuku Park as it’s across the street from JR Shingu train station.

Tenryu-ji Temple in Summer
Enjoying this Arashiyama temple in the summer
One of the temple buildings. 
One of the attractions in Arashiyama is Tenryu-ji Temple and it is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage. In summer, you will see the temple and its garden in green colours. You can also sit by the corridor of the temple to gaze into the pond, the blue sky and let your mind drift around with the cicadas singing its melody.

Fushimi Inari in the Evening
An Gentle Hike South of Kyoto
The very first Tori Gate as you walk toward the temple. 
Fushimi Inari Taisha is a famous temple in Kyoto. Sometime it is also called the thousand Tori gates temple. As you walk through the hike path, you will be greeted with Tori gates painted in orange. I came during the early evening to take the hike all the way up. They are not as many people during the evening and it can be a very peaceful and slightly creepy hike. However if you do hike it and reach all the way to the top, you will be awarded with a magnificent view of Kyoto city.

A Walk Through Dotonbori
Osaka's most famous tourist destination
You can take a pleasure boat along the canal with live music. 
Dotonbori is one of Osaka’s most popular destinations, with hundreds of neon lights and huge billboards advertising different stores. It runs parallel with Dotonbori canal and is a popular food, shopping and entertainment destination. This is also next to Osaka's red district as you will notice people offering services both to locals and tourists. As you walk around the many eateries in the area, try some takoyaki or octopus balls, a very popular dish in Osaka.

Kinkakuji Temple in Summer
Reflection of aristocratic glory in Kyoto's retreat
Kinkakuji Temple is also known as the Golden Pavilion. 
Kinkakuji Temple is also known as the Golden Pavilion in northern Kyoto. The top two floors of the pavilion is covered in gold leaf and it is surrounded with a large pond, the reflection of the temple is amazing, particularly on a sunny summer's day. You will follow a walk path that guides you around the temple area and when you are done, you will be able to enjoy tea and dessert surrounded with trees to rest your body and buy some souvenirs if you wish in the gift shop at the end of it.

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