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"Hoshi-no-Iwaya" and "Buddha Stone"
Legendary place of Koubou Daishi
"Hoshi-no-Iwaya" is the place where Koubou Daishi contained an evil spirit. You can see beautiful scenery in the early summer and autumn. 

Hamburger Restaurant Gokuraku Tonbo
Cozy diner in front of Gokurakuji Station in Kamakura
Kamakura Hamburger Restaurant 'Gokuraku Tonbo': Located just in front of Gokurakuji Station, Gokuraku Tonbo serves juicy, aromatic, delicious hamburgers in a cozy setting.

Fudo Myo-o & His Flunkies at Jojuin
Formidable Buddhist diety ensures successful love life!
Fudo Myo-o & his Flunkies at Jojuin Temple in Kamakura: The principal image of Fudo Myo-o will ensure successful love relationships in your life!

Jojuin Temple, Kamakura
Kobo-daishi recited a mantra 1,000,000 times here!
Jojuin Temple in Kamakura is a prestigious temple where Kobo-daishi once recited a mantra 1,000,000 times in 100 days.

Negoroji Temple is Pure Japan!
Concentrated essence of Japan at a Wakayama temple
Enjoy a feeling of Japan and tranquility at a spacious historical site, Negoroji Temple in Wakayama Prefecture.

The Big Kannon in Kamaishi
A good attraction in Kamaishi with an incredible view
Kamaishi's Big Kannon

Spring at Makino Botanical Garden
Kochi welcomes the warmer months with a burst of color
Spring at Makino Botanical Garden is a colorful season complete with tulips cherry blossoms and a hundred other varieties of flowering plants.

Ogawara's Thousand Sakura Trees
Hanami season is here again
A thousand trees at a glance! Located along the Tohoku main line, Ogawara is easy to access. In the cool spring weather, it is a wonderful way to spend the day.

Hanami and Shopping
Who says you can't do both?
Hanami and Shopping.

Spring at Okochi Sanso Villa
Villa of a famous Japanese film actor of pre-war era
Enjoy tranquil spring at Okochi Sanso Villa in Sagano, Kyoto, in an idyllic setting.