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The Grave of Miyamoto Musashi
Musashizuka Park in Kumamoto
The grave of Miyamoto Musashi surrounded by his retainers.
Musashizuka Park is the grave site of Miyamoto Musashi, master swordsman and arguably one of the world's most famous samurai.

Kaenzan Senshoji Temple, Fukui
Unexpected jewel found in the neighborhood!
Beautiful wooden architecture, and a guardian dog carving
Kaenzan Senshoji Temple, Fukui. I glimpsed this beautiful temple roof, and as an ant drawn to sugar, I couldn't resist the temptation to visit it.

Honzui-ji Temple East Annex, Fukui
Stately temple sits next to Fukui's Big Buddha Statue
Beautiful gold carving of a flying Goddess of Mercy
Honzui-ji Temple East Annex is located next door to Fukui's Big Buddha Statue. This temple is connected to the East Honganji Temple in Kyoto.

The Great Naruto Whirlpools
Nature's titanic washing machine born in Tokushima!
The Great Naruto Whirlpools in Tokushima are the fastest, biggest, and most dynamic whirlpools in Japan.

Summer Evening in Gion Higashiyama
Taking advantage of a cooler, less crowded time of day
In Kyoto many young women wear yukata in summer
Traditional wooden buildings, paved streets and late afternoon sunlight make a lovely setting for young women wearing yukata in Kyoto's  Gion Higashiyama area.

Summer Evening at Osawa Pond
Savouring the last of the day's light by still waters
A simple wooden pier juts out into the pond
Still water reflects the green trees and hills around this large peaceful pond in Saga that was once part of an imperial villa, but now belongs to Daikaku Temple.  

The Angel and Lions of Nihonbashi
Symbols of Nihonbashi's Mikoshi department store
While going to the theater I stopped by the Mikoshi Department Store. There was a lion in the basement wearing a coat. It is said to imitate the lion in London's Trafalgar Square. Additionally, on the first floor there is a statue of a celestial maiden, or angel. The masterpiece was created over a ten year period and completed about 50 years ago. Since the statue is in the middle of an atrium, is it visible from any floor.

Autumn leaves at Kongorinji
Colorful maples illuminate an old temple in Shiga
The grey wall and gate contrast with fiery colors
Eighth century temple in Shiga Prefecture with a three tier pagoda and an enclosed garden with a pond is especially beautiful in Autumn.

Kobe at Night: Pure Magic!
Enjoy the illuminated Meriken Park & foreign settlement
Enjoy the exotic city of Kobe and its gorgeous night views!

Details of Masobyo in Chinatown 2
The animal theme continues in beautiful Yokohama
Pandas! Of course! This is Yokohama Chinatown
Masobyo Temple, Yokohama Chinatown, is full of surprises. Particularly impressive are gorgeous wall plate carvings that adorn the outer walls of the main prayer building.