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Under the Bright Sun
Summer views of Kinchakuda
Under the bright sun. Summer views of Kinchakuda

Kyoto Botanical Garden Conservatory
A fascinating and beautiful addition to the gardens
This conservatory greenhouse is found in the middle of the Kyoto Botanical Garden. With over 25,000 specimens, it's well worth a visit!

Around Chiba-kun's "ear"
A trip to the easternmost tip of Chiba, Choshi City
Trip to Choshi City, Chiba

Mini Tokyo Station in Saitama
The red brick Fukaya station
Miniature of Tokyo station in Saitama

Japanese Garden of Jofukuji Temple
National Scenic Beauty once loved by the lords of Fukui
Japanese Garden of Jofukuji Temple in Fukui: The garden of National Scenic Beauty of Japan that lords of Fukui Matsudaira Clan once loved.

Oze National Park
Unique wooden path allows hike into preserved lands
Make sure you put Oze National Park into your plans before leaving Japan!

Oirase Stream in Summer
Natural beauty in northern Japan
Enjoy the emerald colors of summer in Tohoku on a walk along the Oirase Stream in Aomori.

Count the dogs at this atmospheric Odawara shrine
Near Odawara station in Japan's Kanagawa prefecture, Dainari-jinja is a large, atmospheric shinto shrine with plenty of interesting statues and carvings

A small shrine with a whole host of statues
Between Kanda and Akihabara in central Tokyo, Yanagimori-jinja is a small neighbourhood shrine with a lot of strange and interesting statues.

Shaved Ice for the Hot Summer
How I enjoyed this summer
I enjoyed many kinds of Shaved Ice this hot summer.