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Oh Dotonbori!
The "very Jap" billboards of Dotonbori
Be amazed by the unusual billboards of Dotonbori
Igami-jinja Shrine in Odawara
Admire the beautiful carvings
In the historic castle town of Odawara in Japan's Kanagawa prefecture, Igami-jinja is a shinto shrine with an atmospheric forest setting and a host of interesting carvings and statues.
Gohyaku Rakan in Kawagoe
Buddha's 540 stone disciples at Kitain Temple
Gohyaku Rakan, Buddha's 540 stone disciples at Kitain Temple in Kawagoe.
Sumiyoshi Taisha in Photos
Exploring the Shinto shrine in southern Osaka
Going inside the Sumiyoshi Taisha temple in southern Osaka
Shibaura Island in Minato - 1
Marine themes and tall buildings
Shibaura Island in Minato - 1
Takao mountain in the Tokyo suburbs
Takaosan is a good place for hiking as it suggests a few different hiking trails. Many visitors come to Yakuoin temple to pray to Shinto and Buddhist mountain gods Tengu for good fortune.
Lovers' Paradise, Yokohama Bayside
Nurture love on the grass of Nippon Maru Memorial Park
Yokohama Bayside area is lovers' paradise. There are couples, couples, couples everywhere.
Tsushima no Miya Festival
A shrine and train station only open once a year
A two day festival held every year. The local train station is also only open during the festival, Tsushima no Miya Station. The festival centers around a shrine on a tiny island connected to the mainland by a 250m bridge that is also opened only for the festival (the boards of the bridge are actually removed for most of the year).
Visitors at Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan
Families enjoying the sea animals
The photos of people and animals in Osaka Aquarium.
Landmark Tower and Nippon Maru
Unique combination of sailing ship and skyscraper
Yokohama's Landmark Tower and Nippon Maru, a unique collaboration of 20th & 21st technology.
Found: 4096 results