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Powerful Trees of Japan
Trees thriving in different prefectures of Japan
The photos of different trees that have special meanings in Japan.
Nara Scenes
Deer in small corners of Nara
Photos taken during a one day visit to Nara.
Best Cherry Blossom Sites in Iwate
Some of the popular Cherry Blossom viewing in Iwate
Mid to late April is the time to watch cherry blossoms in Iwate
A Trip to the Meiji Shrine
A beautiful evergreen forest in the center of Tokyo.
A short photo story of the Meji Shrine in Tokyo on a foggy day of June.
Toun-ji Temple in Fujieda
Follow the temple trail on the historic Tokaido road
In Fujieda in the suburbs of Shizuoka in central Japan, Toun-ji is a pleasant Buddhist temple, situated on the historic Tokaido Highway between Tokyo and Kyoto.
Cherry Blossoms at Kumamoto Castle
Pink petals conquering grey skies
Despite suffering damage during last year’s earthquake, Kumamoto Castle is still a great place to visit, especially during the colorful Cherry Blossom Season
Cherry Blossoms at Ichifusa Dam
10,000 cherry trees along the shoreline
Ichifusa Dam within Kuma Prefectural Park is the second most popular place for cherry blossoms in Kumamoto. Approximately 10,000 blossoms were planted along the lake and you could enjoy the view while driving. During the cherry blossom season there are a number of special events, with food stands at Ichifusa Damukoenchi and people enjoying a picnic.
Cherry Blossoms at Kofu Castle
Reflections on the fleeting beauty of spring
Castle ruins in Kofu city with lots of cherry blossoms.
Hanami Season in Japan
Sakura throughout the day and in various cities
Hanami season in Japan. Photos taken throughout the day in various cities in the country.
Hanami Season at Shinjuku Gyoen
Admiring the sakura and visitors in the park
Sakura photos taken in Shinjuku Gyoen on a bright spring day
Found: 4301 results