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A small temple near historic Seiken-ji in Shimizu
In the suburbs of Shizuoka in central Japan, Zuiun-In is a small, charming Buddhist temple, worth visiting along with its impressive neighbour Seiken-ji.
Gassho-style Houses in Shirakawa-go
Experience Gifu Prefecture's UNESCO World Heritage Site
Situated in the midst of mountainous terrain, Shirakawa-go is Gifu’s famous UNESCO World Heritage Site renowned for its traditional Gasshō-style houses built with steep and thatched roofs. These cultural symbols have withstood the tests of time and nature for over 200 years.
Sunset in Enoshima
Ending a hot summer day in Enoshima
I ended the day of Tanabata by going to Enoshima, and was not disappointed.
Tricolore Cafe in Ginza
Old-fashioned cafe since 1936
Tricolore Cafe is located in a quiet alley of Ginza, one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Tokyo. Although Ginza is mainly busy streets with modern tall buildings, this cafe managed to keep a fabulous retro style. It is an oasis of tranquility in this popular fancy shopper district.
Harajuku Fashion Show
Check out new trends and see the craziest outfits
Tokyo is known for its out-of-this-world street fashion. Harajuku is the place where you can surely find the most different styles and the weirdest outfits.
Sunset Beach at American Village
Okinawa's land of the setting sun
Sunset Beach at American Village is the place to go to if you want to have quality time with your loved ones.
Taga-jinja Shrine in Izu-Taga
A quaint old neighbourhood shrine
In Izu-Taga near Atami on Japan's Izu Peninsula, Taga-jinja is a leafy, peaceful shinto shrine.
Enoshima Island Adventure
Exploring the mountain and seaside of Enoshima
Explore the mountain and seaside of Enoshima.
Furoan Dream At
Art and tea concealed among bamboo trees in Kyoto
Nestled among bamboo and other greenery in the western end of Kyoto, Dream At is quiet and relaxing spot to take a short break and cool down from the heat between visiting crowded attractions nearby.
Otaru Candle Light Snow Paths
The magic of light and snow
In February, alongside the Sapporo Snow Festival, Otaru holds its own Snow Light Path festival. Hand crafted snow sculptures are filled with candles and light up the streets of the small port city of Otaru in Hokkaido.
Found: 3953 results