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Walk in Kyoto Imperial Palace - 1
from Okurumayose to Shinmikurumayose
Dignitaries with a special permission arriving here at Okurumayose by ox-drawn carriage used to enter the Palace through this entrance. Shinmikurumayose is the special entrance just for Emperor and Empress.

Kyoyo Garden at Nishiyama Park
Beautiful Japanese Garden with autumn leaves
Kyoyo Garden in Nishiyama Park in Sabae city, Fukui, is famous for its beautifully landscaped scenery and the gorgeous maple trees in autumn.

Strolling Takayama Streets
The laid-back pleasures of Hida Takayama
Hida Takayama never ceases to delight me every time I visit here. It's a great place to refresh and relax!

Multi-colored Kakyo Park in Echizen
Gorgeous autumn leaves adorn this hill park
Kakyo Park in Echizen city, Fukui, is one of the hidden spots for viewing autumn leaves. Historical and beautiful, you can enjoy a whole hill decorated with colorful maple trees all to yourself!

Boat ride at Lake Sagami
Retro 80s streets, calm lake, autumn leaves
Lake Sagami is was small in size but it certainly has the beauty to seize one’s attention for one whole day.

Konpira Shrine at Nishiyama Park
Tiny little shrine dating back to the 18th century
Inside Nishiyama Park in Sabae city, Fukui, there is a small Konpira Shrine which was founded in the 18th century, and has wonderful views of autumn leaves in Nishiyama Park.

Ceremonial samurai show near Mito
Yabusame is a ceremonial form of archery and this is one of the three major performances in the Kanto region.

Echizen's Murasaki Shikibu Park
Autumn leaves and the Tale of Genji
Located in Echizen city, Fukui, Murasaki Shikibu Park was built to commemorate the short stay of the Tale of Genji's famous author in Echizen province during the Heian Period. Autumn leaves are truly beautiful here!

Fukui's Nishiyama Park Zoo
Meet cute red pandas and some squirrel monkeys!
Nishiyama Park Zoo in Sabae city, Fukui, is famous for its lovely red pandas. Also, some cute squirrel monkeys were added to the zoo recently.

Ancient Streets of Takayama
Enjoy the streets of Takayama while everyone is asleep!
Walk along the ancient streets of Hida Takayama in the quiet early morning and enjoy the traditional atmosphere in peace.