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Exploring Akihabara
Going nuts on Tokyo's Electric town
Exploring Akihabara

Hiking Tateyama in Shizuoka
Enjoy glorious views on a leisurely hike on Tateyama
Surrounded by the beautiful Lake Hamana in almost all directions, a hike on Tateyama ensures glorious views of the lake as you circle the perimeter of the hill.

Best of Gyoda City, Saitama
A great day trip from Tokyo
The relately unknown city of Gyoda, in Saitama Prefecture, is full of sightseeing spots that make it a great day trip from Tokyo.

Unazuki Winter Festival
Fire, Snow and Good Nabe
Unazuki Winter Festival

Akihabara at Night
Another one of Tokyo's many jewels
Akihabara at night is overflowing with color: gleaming buildings, glowing orange, yellow, green, and black taxis, anime billboards and flashing lights. It is an area full of sounds: trains, souped-up cars, music mixed with people walking, talking and rushing over crossings. Tokyo is electrifying at night and has so many places that burst into power when darkness arrives on the scene, one of which is Akihabara, another one of Tokyo's jewels to add to a rich collection of treasures. The heart of anime culture is addictive in the day, then intoxicating at night, a very special place to be. 

Arao Rice Planting Festival
Local festival to kick off the growing season
Kick off the rice planting season in Kyushu at the Arao Rice Planting Festival.

Hattori Farm in Kanagawa
Horses, sheep and more on a small, picturesque farm
Picturesque Hattori Farm in Kanagawa has sheep, horses, ponies, donkeys, pigs, rabbits, chickens and goats. It is an easy day trip from Tokyo.

Miyagase Dam in Kanagawa
Six minutes of roaring water and rainbows in the spray
Set in the beautiful Kanagawa mountains, Miyagase Dam opens its sluice gates for just 6 minutes twice a day on Wednesdays and the second Sunday of the month.

Kanagawa Kenritsu Aikawa Park
Gateway to Miyagase Dam
Kanagawa Kenritsu Aikawa Park has beautiful gardens, a kids pool and huge trampoline domes, and is the gateway to Miyagase Dam. The surrounding scenery is lovely in spring and autumn.

Hotroom Keyaki
Italian inspired cafe in downtown Mashiko
Hotroom Keyaki. Cozy Italian-inspired cafe in downtown Mashiko.