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Ofuna Botanical Garden in Photos
Beautiful flowers in bloom every season!
The Ofuna Botanical Garden is a local hidden gem. Formally known as the Kanagawa Prefectural Ofuna Botanical Garden Flower Center (神奈川県立フラワーセンター大船植物園), Ofuna Botanical Garden is located within minutes of Ofuna JR Station. Since 1962, visitors have continued to admire the bloom of a unique variety of flowers every season. Mark your calendars today to enjoy your favorites throughout the year!

Tohoku Uni International Festival
Experience cultural exchange in action!
Tohoku University is a big part of Sendai, so why don't you join the Foreign Students Association in celebrating culture from around the world? With food, dancing and activities from over 20 countries, it's well worth a visit.

Ride a Horse at Fukui Horse Park
Both beginners and seniors can enjoy private lessons
Fukui Horse Park: Located by the Kuzuryu River in the west of Fukui City, Fukui Prefecture, this stadium also serves as 'Fukui Equestrian Sports Stadium".

Magical Enkoji Temple
The Rakuyo School of Tokugawa Ieyasu
Magical: The gorgeous autumn leaves in 'The Garden of Ju-gyu' at Enkoji Temple in Kyoto are a sight to behold.

Translucent Norikura Highlands
Picturesque scenery of Ichino-se Green Park
Not only picturesque scenery, but also the air and translucent water are wonderful at Ichino-se Green Park, Ushigome-ike Pond and Three Waterfalls of Norikura Highlands.

Mount Norikura in Golden Hue
Autumn colors coming down from the mountaintop
I enjoyed the autumn leaves around 'Three Waterfalls' at Norikura Highlands to the fullest.

Freezing Dawn at Norikura Highlands
Mount Norikura before snowfall
I visited Norikura Highlands for the first time in years, but the autumn leaves around the mountaintop was almost finished...I was too late!

Autumn at Daigo Temple
World Heritage Site basking in the autumn sunshine
Red and yellow leaves enhance the beauty of World Heritage Site Daigoji, which has has the oldest pagoda in Kyoto, and many other beautiful buildings.

Kyoto's Cafe Opal
A unique dining spot near Gion
Located in a renovated 80 year old traditional Japanese home, the Cafe Opal is a unique cafe with friendly owners, great music and reasonable, tasty food.

Ryugashido Cavern in Hamamatsu
One of the largest caves in Japan
Exploring Ryugashido Cavern in Hamamatsu City