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Autumn at Daigo Temple
World Heritage Site basking in the autumn sunshine
Red and yellow leaves enhance the beauty of World Heritage Site Daigoji, which has has the oldest pagoda in Kyoto, and many other beautiful buildings.

Ryugashido Cavern in Hamamatsu
One of the largest caves in Japan
Exploring Ryugashido Cavern in Hamamatsu City

Fukui Kitano Show Classics
Enjoy various live performances at a cozy art gallery!
Fukui Kitano Show Classics: Near Fukui Kitano-sho Ruins, this cozy gallery & live space holds live jazz and classical music events, and even Rakugo performances.

Autumn Colors in Ozegahara
Breathtaking fall foliage in Ozegahara Marshland
The best visit to Oze National Park can be made during the peak of autumn season, where you can enjoy the yellowish or brownish grass at Ozegahara Marshland, together with the colorful fall foliage of the surrounding mountains.

Pagoda and Main Hall at Kongorinji
Autumn splendor at a temple in the Suzuka mountains
One of three Kotosanzan temples in Shiga Prefecture famous for wonderful color in autumn, Kongorinji's main hall and pagoda look beautiful surrounded by maple leaves.

Pond and Garden at Kongorinji
A blaze of autumn color in a beautiful old garden
A teahouse and an Edo Era hall with beautiful door paintings of lotuses and dragons stand in a lovely pond garden at Kongorinji in Shiga Prefecture.

Autumn Color at Kongorinji
Moss and maple leaves welcome you to a Shiga temple
Enter Kongorinji in Shiga via a path that runs from the road to the pond garden between stone walls almost covered with thick moss and overhung by maples.

Nihombashi Ebisu-ko Bettara-ichi
Tokyo's Pickle Fair
The Nihombashi Ebisu-ko Bettara-ichi is a seasonal festival on October 19 and 20 around Odenma-cho, Chuoku. The fair started in 1606 when the expansion of the Edo castle made the village residents of Takarada-mura move to a new location, which became Odenma-cho. An Ebisu Statue was said to be a gift from General Tokugawa Ieyasu and a festival in honor of Ebisu is held by the Odenma-cho community. The markets are held the day before which became the "Bettara-ichi" or Pickle Fair.

Sabi: Sad Beauty of Nanzenji
Rare views of Kyoto without crowds
Brilliant elegance and a tranquil atmosphere make Kyoto one of world's most charming cities. Enjoy the seasonal charms of Kyoto!

Wabi: Lonesome Beauty of Nanzenji
Simple beauty of Nanzenji in lingering snow
On one of the coldest winter days of Kyoto, which freezes you to the bones, I visited Nanzenji Temple.