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Grilled Rice Cakes at Kasuga Shrine
Japanese sweets made from spring water from a waterfall
Yakimochi is a traditional Japanese sweet made from pounded rice that is then grilled. Yakimochi at Kasuga Shrine is made from natural spring water from a waterfall.
Shiro-no-Niwa at Ebisu's New Atre West
Seafood cuisine and more in the heart of Tokyo
Shiro-no-Niwa (シロノニワ) newly opened its doors on April 15th 2016 along with the rest of Atre West, the latest gourmet and shopping destination to land in Tokyo's Ebisu district.
Hooters Shinjuku
Delightfully tacky yet unrefined
Tokyo's Shinjuku district back in May 2015, Hooters Shinjuku hosted the American chain's annual Miss Hooters Japan contest for 2016 on April 25th
Tokyo's Sakura Illuminations
The best places to see the cherry blossoms at night
Some of the best spots to see Sakura illuminations in Tokyo.
Hiking Yatsuyama in Shizuoka
Escape the city into some beautiful natural scenery
In the hills east of Shizuoka in central Japan, Yatsuyama offers gentle hiking trails through unspoilt nature, with beautiful views of the surrounding scenery.
Sunrise at Lake Biwa
Burning skies over Japan's largest freshwater lake
Early summer sunrise with burning skies at Lake Biwa, Japan's largest freshwater lake near Hikone, Shiga Prefecture.
Muryo-ji Temple in Yoga
A peaceful Buddhist temple in the suburbs of Tokyo
In the Tokyo suburb of Yoga not far from Shibuya, Muryo-ji is a peaceful Buddhist temple, home to some interesting statues and carvings.
Tenjuan Garden
A tranquil escape from the crowds at Nanzenji
A subtemple in the Nanzen-ji complex that features a rock pond and a lush garden that are both equally stunning in the Spring and Fall.
Scenery of Zamami-jima
Enjoy the natural beauty of this Okinawan island
One of the Kerama islands in Japan's Okinawa prefecture, Zamami-jima is a place of exquisite natural beauty.
Spring at Daimonji-yama
Spring sunsets and hues of green at Daimonji-yama
Take in the sights of nature and the view of Kyoto at Daimonji-yama.
Found: 3820 results