Explore Echizen City, Fukui Prefecture
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Saruhashi - the Monkey Bridge
One of three famous ancient bridges in Japan
Not bad for engineering from the eighth century!
Ingeniously designed Saruhashi in Otsuki is one of Japan's oldest and most famous bridges.

Viewpoint, Shimakeya
A rocky, but people-less clear water beach
Many shades of blue in the Genkai-Nada Sea to ponder
A quiet rocky beach near Keya Beach in Itoshima, void of people even on hot summer days. 

Hands-On Woodblock Printing
Making Japanese handicraft at Kyoto Handicraft Center
My completed woodblock print of a 'Maiko' (apprentice Geisha).
The Kyoto Handicraft Center allows one to have a hands-on experience of creating your own woodblock prints. Besides that, there are 8 other types of traditional Japanese handicrafts that one can try out. 

Kyoto's Treetop Cafe
A brief respite from the hustle and bustle of town
Glass panel of Kyoto's Treetop Cafe 
Highly recommended (especially for cafe hoppers), the tranquil environment of Kyoto's Treetop Café located amidst the historic Higashiyama district in Kyoto provides a brief respite from the hustle and bustle of town. In addition, one can expect prompt service as well as delectable desserts and drinks. 

Rainy day at Erinji in Koshu
Discover the beauty of Shingen Takeda's family temple
The English message made me feel included and welcomed!
Erinji in Yamanashi Prefecture is a 700 year old temple with a beautiful pond garden and a pagoda that was once the Takeda Clan's family temple.

Seedless Watermelon Farm in Joso
A day of rural agriculture in Ibaraki
Seedless watermelon
Introducing Okui-san's seedless watermelons in Ibaraki

Miyagino Dori - Eagle Road
A beautiful road leading to the baseball stadium
Miyagino Dori, or Eagle Road, starts on the east side of Sendai Station, and leads to the Rakuten Golden Eagles' baseball stadium
The urban beauty of Miyagino Dori makes for a nice walk or cycle, and can take you to many places

Shindera Dori: Temple Road
All the temples you could ever ask for in one place
Visiting a temple is a wonderful experience that starts at the carefully tended entranceway  
A visit to a Buddhist temple is a must in Japan and Shindera Dori offers a wide variety!

The Sendai Astronomical Observatory
A mid-summer's eve amongst the stars
A glimpse of the planets overhead. They are all lined up and created to scale so you have a remarkable view of their size differences.
Astronomy enthusiasts will definitely enjoy the Sendai Astronomical Observatory with its impressive Cassegrain Telescope that is made available to the public. Equally interesting is the experience within the Planetarium as you experience not only sunrise and sunset from the Observatory, but also an incredibly spectacular view of the night sky covered with stars.

Fox Village in Zao
A place of magic in the mountains of Miyagi
Zao Kitsune Mura is a must visit for animal lovers or those looking for something unique not just in Japan but worldwide!
Zao Kitsune Mura is a "village" filled with a large number of free roaming foxes near Shiroishi in Miyagi Prefecture. Loads of fun, and at times scary, this is a unique experience you won't find anywhere else.  

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