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Motoya Espresso Express, Omotesando
A quick fix of tasty espresso
Great cups of coffee delivered straight through the window of an old van.

Illuminated Underground Malls
Christmas colors of Diamor & Hilton Plaza in East Umeda
Strolling around underground malls of Osaka and Hankyu Umeda Department Store concourses after work at Christmas time.

Dairin-ji in Kanagawa
Strange carved beasts under the eaves
Temple in Nagatsuta with a beautiful gate rising above a long tile-capped white wall, and several interesting statues.

Osaka Station City Twilight Fantasy
Christmas illuminations in my hometown Osaka
The beautiful year-end illumination at 'Toki-no Hiroba Plaza' of Osaka Station City and 'Umekita Hiroba'.

The Ever Changing Toyama Coast
Two different faces of Noto Peninsula in autumn
The sea fog at Amaharashi Beach in Himi City of Toyama Prefecture, and the changeable Japan Sea, first calm then stormy, near Noto Peninsula.

Dinner at Hiiragiya Ryokan, Kyoto
Enchanting dinner in a traditional style
Dinner at Hiiragiya – an enchanting spectacle of taste and triumph of traditional Japanese cuisine

Yusui Tunnel Park Christmas Lights
Holiday illumination under the earth
Yusui Tunnel Park uses its 150 meter tunnel as the perfect place to hang decorated Christmas trees.

Pirate Ship of Tosa?
Mysterious fishing boats floating on a foggy sea
Mysterious ships glide through the red and gold sea fog on the Sea of Tosa like a replay from the Hollywood movie, 'Pirates of Caribbean'.

Winter Morning Walk
Walking trail over the hills looks magical in the snow
Trail starting at Rokusho Shrine and leading up into the Higashiyama Hills looked beautiful on a snowy winter morning.

Besshi Copper Mine Site in Ehime
The power source and substation of Besshi Copper Mine
Besshi Copper Mine Site, which was a cornerstone of Japan's modernization, lives up to its alias, 'The Industrial Legacy in the Sky'.