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Morioka Castle: Fuedal Lord Trail
Retrace the path of visiting feudal warlords
Remains of the moat with a foreground of hydrangea flowers
Approach Morioka Castle Site Park from the outer moat a few minutes walk before Sakurayama Shrine to retrace the path feudal lords once paraded to the top of Morioka Castle. 

Kabushima Shrine: Seagull Island
Mythology meets winged beast
When short of space, anything will do for a perch – even a guardian lion
Visit the Kabushima Shrine in Hachinohe to see what happens when seagulls take over. The Shinto shrine is an annual breeding ground for Black-tailed Gulls, and they own the place.

The Tanesashi Coast Promenade
A walk along the Japanese coastline
From the lookout, you can see the rugged, rocky coastline
Spend a few hours strolling along the Tanesashi Coast Promenade in Hachinohe. Follow the Promenade over rugged cliffs, smooth beaches and fresh grasslands, all with a view of the Pacific Ocean.

Glass House at Nunobiki Herb Garden
Relax your body, relax your mind
This Glass House is located at the center of Nunobiki Herb Gardens in Kobe.

Yasukuni Shrine "Honozumo" Sumo
Ceremonial Sumo tournament
The sumo wrestlers seem so laid back as they wait for the action to begin - they are happy to stop and chat with fans as they wait
Honozumo Ceremonial Sumo Tournament, Held at the Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo - Watch the best Sumo Wrestlers fight for free!

Aoi Umi Kōen: sights and sunsets
A beautiful park between Aomori Bay and the mountains
Aoi Umi Kōen on a clear summer day
Enjoy a summer day stroll around Aoi Umi Kōen in Aomori City. Beautiful, clear skies during the day and spectacular sunsets in the evening make this park something truly special.

Kaga City
A small city with hot spring resort
A floating small temple out in the lake
Kaga city, located in Ishikawa prefecture, is a small city built around several hot spring resort hotels that will let you rejuvenate yourself in peace.

The Stalls of Tsukiji Fish Market
A journey through Tokyo's largest seafood market!
Trays of tuna, probably the most popular type of fish at the markets
Explore the many and varied products on sale at the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo. See retailers selling all kinds of food, and try to grab a bite at one of the popular stalls that line the streets.

"Yakitori Alley" in Yurakucho
Casual eats Japanese style
Friendly service, beer, Sake & Yakitori - A perfect end to a busy day
Beer & Yakitori under the train tracks in Yurakucho

Tokyo Tale of Loyalty & Courage
Senkakuji and the famous samurai story of the 47 Ronin
The graveyard of the Ako Gishi. Buried here after their seppuku on February 4th, 1703.
Senkakuji is a small temple not far from Shinagawa that holds the graves of the famous 47 Ronin, a tale over 300 years old. 

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