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Hirasawa Kanga Ruins
One look at the past
Hirasawa Kanga Ruins are ancient Tsukuba City governmental buildings from the 8th to 12th century. Consisting of three warehouses surrounded by a large ditch, they were used as a storage facility for county tax payments which were made in rice and hemp. Some artifacts were found at the site such as tiles and inkstone. We had beautiful blue skies during our trip with many butterflies and a dragonfly dancing in the breeze high above the blanket of green grass.

Aboard the Goldfish Boat
Cruise along the Sumida river
A cruise along the Sumida river aboard the goldfish boat offers a unique vantage point in seeing and experiencing downtown Tokyo.

Autumn in the Mt Aso Highlands
Silver grass carpets central Kumamoto
Autumn in the Mt Aso Highlands brings the promise of silver pampas grass and stunning volcano views against crisp blue skies.

Kyoto Adashino Nenbutsu-ji 2 of 4
From the mizuko jizo to the bamboo forest
To the East is Toribeno, to the West is Adashino. These two areas of Kyoto are known as the burying grounds of people that have died from war, natural disaster, or disease

Art at Your Feet in Tohoku
No putting a lid on these manholes' creativity
Within each prefecture in Japan, there is a vast array of designs on the manhole covers found on streets everywhere. It's amazing to think that some of the most intricate pieces of artwork are down at your feet! This photo story shows off some of the lovely designs found within the Tohoku Region.

Byodoji, No.22 Temple of Pilgrimage
Pray for your own health and the health of loved ones
Byodoji, No.22 temple of Pilgrimage

Yakuoji: Temple 23 of Pilgrimage
Escape misfortune by dropping coins on these stairs
Yakuoji, No. 23 Temple of Shikoku Pilgrimage is the place to go to ward off bad luck

Aizu Hongo Morning Pottery Market
Enjoy buying pottery in the predawn morning hours
Aizu Hongo Morning Pottery Market

Kamakura's Yagumo Shrine
The protector against diseases and disasters
Visit the small but very impressive Yasumo Shrine where you can immerse yourself in some of Kamakura's rich cultural heritage

Kamakura's Myohonji Temple
Where legends begin
Although every temple has a story, Kamakura`s Myohonji Temple is the stuff of legends. Visit it and you`ll see why!