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Kashima Shrine
God of thunder in a most unlikely setting
Kashima and nearby Katori are important Shinto shrines in Ibaraki. Takemikazuchi-no-Okami, the god of thunder, is the patron deity here. At the same time it was very peaceful and had lots of beautiful trees and wildlife. This shrine is very old and I imagine some of the trees are getting close to 1000 years old. The earthquake in 2011 destroyed the main torii gate and the new one was completed in 2014. I got here using my JR East Pass, which allows unlimited travel in Tohoku, Nagano and the Kanto area. You can purchase a JR East Pass here:

Kabochaan Cafe in Mashiko,Tochigi
Healthy dining in a rural setting
Kabochaan Cafe in Mashiko,Tochigi: One of Mashiko`s nicest rustic style cafes

Beautiful Waterfalls in Kamiyama
Amagoi-no-taki waterfall
The 'Amagoi-no-taki' waterfalls is one of "100-most-beautiful waterfalls in Japan". It's located near a neighbor town of Tokushima city.

Kitchen Country – Hungarian Cuisine
Try some excellent goulash in Jiyugaoka
Try excellent goulash at Hungarian restaurant Kitchen Country, Jiyugaoka 

Arita Porcelain Park
A taste of Germany in Saga Prefecture
Arita Porcelain Park welcomes visitors by the busload to their own take on Germany, complete with an 18th century palace and a tour  of a beer factory.

Miyagawacho Beer Garden
Kyoto specialities, beer & fun with Maiko
The Miyagawacho Beer Garden is a rare occasion where you can enjoy beer, daily specialities served by neighboring restaurants, and Classical Japanese dance by the Maiko (apprentice geisha) of Miyagawacho Kabukai. Miyagawacho Kabukai is one of the five famous groups of maiko and geiko along with Gion Kobu, Gion Higashi, Pontocho, and Kamishichiken.

Okusawa Shrine
A beautiful shrine in Tokyo's fashionable Jiyugaoka
Okusawa Shrine is a beautiful shrine in Tokyo's Jiyugaoka district, a lovely bit of shade and peace in the summer heat.

Blue Hydrangeas at Iwadera
Peaceful temple on the green edge of Yamashina in Kyoto
Blue hydrangeas bloom amid long grass and wildflowers at peaceful Iwadera Temple in Yamashina.

Nogeyama Zoo in Yokohama
Visit this free zoo to view the wonderful animals
Nogeyama is a small zoo in Yokohama that is free to enter.

Taliesin Park
A fun day out in Karuizawa
In Karuizawa resort in Japan's Nagano prefecture, Taliesin Park is a lovely family day out, with mini-golf, a go-karting track, and a relaxing rose garden.