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Wisteria at Fujishima Shrine
The first blossoms of wisteria transplanted from Nara
Wisteria at Fujishima Shrine in Fukui: The first pretty blossoms bloomed after the plants were transplanted from Kasuga Taisha Shrine in Nara 7 years ago.

RoboCup Japan Open 2015 in Fukui
Autonomous robots compete to go to the World Robocup!
RoboCup Japan Open, the annual autonomous robots competition, was held in 2015 in Fukui. The winner of this annual competition will proceed to the international Robocup (which will be held in China this year).

Carp Streamers in rural Saga
Celebrating Children's Day at Yodohime Shrine
See carp streamers from below on a riverboat "cruise" in rural Saga.

Azaleas at Daikozen Temple
Beautiful blooms cover the temple grounds in spring
Over 50,000 azaleas bloom in late April and early May at Saga's Daikozen Temple.

Lush Gardens of Fukui Green Center
Tranquil botanical gardens in late spring
In the forest-like botanical gardens of Fukui Green Center in Sakai City, you can enjoy tranquility any time of the year.

Fukui Prefectural Green Center
Mammoth park in the midst of untouched nature
Fukui Prefectural Green Center: located a 30 minutes drive from the center of Fukui City, this mammoth park is one of the best places to relax and chill out on holidays!

Mochi Museum at Okage Yokocho
Mouth-watering models at Mochi-kaido Monogatari
Mochi-kaido Monogatari is a small, free museum on Oharaimachi Okage Yokocho devoted to the history of traditional Japanese sweets. 

Pearl Divers at Mikimoto Island
Watch white-costumed Ama diving from a small boat
White costumed female pearl divers put on a show for the tourists eight times a day at Mikimoto Pearl Island.

Hot Spring Hotel Todaya
Convenient location, and every room has a sea view!
Convenient location, hot spring baths, sea views and beautiful objects of art on display make this a great place to stay in Toba!

Fantastic Night Fishing
The hunt for elusive shirasu eel
Night fishing event in Tokushima Prefecture.