Chidorigafuchi Cherry Blossoms

Beautiful seasonal flowers at Kudanshita, Tokyo

By Manish Prabhune, April 2014

During my first visit to Tokyo in 1998, I was lucky to arrive in March and stay right through April, the cherry blossom season. This first experience was not really planned. I visited the Indian embassy in Kudanshita, and that was when I saw the blossoms in its full glory at the Chidorigafuchi Gardens just outside the premises. There are many spots in Tokyo where you can enjoy the flowers, but the first time memory for me will always be this garden. Another time I made a trip in the evening and I was not disappointed. Hope you like this collection of photographs.

Manish Prabhune
Photography by Manish Prabhune
Contributor, Tokyo

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Imogen Riethmuller
Imogen Riethmuller 11 months ago
Wow, such beautiful photographs! That would be the most incredible boat trip.
Serene 11 months ago
Beautiful. The sakura season is considered a nostalgic experience for many Japanese.
Simply Me, Chai
Simply Me, Chai 11 months ago
Amazing! That is place is indeed worth dropping by.