More on Kibi no Makabi Park

A quiet park setting in the countryside of Mabi town.

By Judith Mikami, September 2012

A quiet peaceful park situated in the countryside of Mabi town. Built to celebrate the life and contribution of Kibi no Makabi the father of katakana characters. A place to escape to from your busy life, enjoy walking around the park or just sitting to eat a picnic.

Judith Mikami
Photography by Judith Mikami
Regional Partner, Tottori, Shimane, Okayama, Kagawa

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Simply Me, Chai
Simply Me, Chai 2 years ago
The intro-caption and the photos look very relaxing. This is a great place to ponder on something, release our stress and enjoy with nature as well. And not to mention, it has its cultural history as well. Thanks for sharing!