Senjogahara Hiking Trail, Nikko

Impressions of the protected marshland in early spring

By Nicole Bauer, May 2012

When I go hiking it usually means climbing a mountain to be able to take in the beautiful scenery from a bird`s eye view. The trail through Nikko`s marshlands, however, is almost flat; nonetheless, it is definitely one of my favorite hikes in the area. It is an easy and relaxing walk; it takes only 2.5 to 3 hours to complete. You will be surprised how quickly and how often the landscape changes—simply amazing!

Nicole Bauer
Photography by Nicole Bauer
Regional Partner, Tokyo

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Nicole Bauer
Nicole Bauer Photographer 2 years ago
Hi Steph. I'm happy to see that you got inspired by this :-)
Yes, the starting points for the marshland hike can all be reached by bus: Take the Tobu Bus that leaves from Tobu Nikko Station towards Yumoto Onsen in upper Nikko. The following link is quite helpful I think:
We started in Yumoto Onsen and ended our walk at the Ryuzu Falls, but there are some shorter options too. I recommend to get a map with all the details and a bus schedule (both available in English) at the tourist information in Nikko. Enjoy!
Steph 2 years ago
Lovely! It's easy to forget about the other worthwhile places around Nikko when her town's temples are so shiny; having been there before, I relish the idea of something new to see. Thank you very much. Could you tell me whether it's possible to reach the marshlands without a car?