Nikko's Senju-ga-hama Beach

Freshness after a rain

By Tomoko Kamishima, June 2012

After a 30-minute walk from Saino-ko Lake in a steady drizzle, we heard a lapping sound emanating from an unseen shore. A few minutes later, we were standing on a 2km long stretch of sand and wetlands that border the west side of Chuzen-ji Lake. No cars are permitted here, so it is quiet and clean. Access to Senju-ga-hama is basically limited to Eco-friendly buses, ferryboats, and by foot. Wavering clouds and mist hid parts of the mountains towering high above the lake.

Tomoko Kamishima
Photography by Tomoko Kamishima
Contributor, Kanagawa

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Justin Velgus
Justin Velgus
7 months ago
A very peaceful setting away from the crowds. I like it!
Wouter Thielen
Wouter Thielen
3 years ago
Beautiful photos! I am starting to imagine what it smells like over there!