Nohara by Mizuno - Shop, Cafe & Kitchen, Run & Fitness Station


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A Stroll Along Aomori Bay
Aomori City, the capital of the Aomori Prefecture in the north of Japan, faces Mutsu Bay to the n... More
Calendar icon 2 days ago
American Day in Misawa
Whether one hails from the States and misses good ol' American burgers, or if one simply is curious... More
Calendar icon a month ago
Yokohama's Nanohana Festival
A sea of bright golden flowers riding the slopes of green hills met me as I drove into the town o... More
Calendar icon a month ago
It felt like I was at the border of the known world, staring out at alien lands across the sea. Located... More
Calendar icon 2 months ago
Club 360 Tokyo
Photo stories
Photo story icon Kabushima Shrine: Seagull Island
Be sure to grab an umbrella before you enter Kabushima Shrine, regardless of the weather. This Shinto... More
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Photo story icon The Tanesashi Coast Promenade
The Tanesashi Coast Promenade in Hachinohe is a 5km pathway that winds along the coastline, overlooking... More
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Photo story icon Aoi Umi Kōen: sights and sunsets
Aoi Umi Kōen, or 'Blue Ocean Park', is a small park on the Mutsu Bay in Aomori. On a map, it does... More
Calendar icon 2 days ago
Photo story icon Travels in northern Japan
When we hear "Tohoku" we tend to think about the disaster in 2011, however, once you go and see what's... More
Calendar icon a week ago