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Jizo Statues of Osorezan

Rescuing souls trapped between Heaven and Hell

Hell and Heaven: Osorezan

A wasteland with subtle beauty

Takayama Inari Shrine

Where the fox meets the dragon

Aomori's Amazing Apples

The best way to enjoy apples is pick them yourself

Community discussion

Utou-jinja Shrine, Aomori

This looks very beautiful and peaceful, I could simply spend hours in such a place, Thank you for sharing.

Jizo Statues of Osorezan

I loved the (so) wrapped jizo.

Hell and Heaven: Osorezan

There's also a mixed onsen at Osorezan - as my friends and I discovered when a man walked in on us! Needless to say we were a little surprised. Just be aware of this as I don't think it's clearly signposted...

The Shimokita Hanto

Thank you, nice article and I loved the photos, Thanks for sharing.