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The HMI Hotel Group provides hospitable accommodation across seven brands of hotel in Japan, of which... More
4 weeks ago
Hotel Crown Palais in Aomori, with its comfortable rooms and super-friendly staff, is the perfect destination... More
2 months ago
In the northern wilds of Aomori, a land of long winters and cold snowy nights, summer is held in ... More
2 months ago
The roaring stream of sound is so thick I can barely hear what my friend is saying. Not that we would... More
2 months ago
Photo stories
Be sure to grab an umbrella before you enter Kabushima Shrine, regardless of the weather. Located 15... More
4 months ago
The Tanesashi Coast Promenade in Hachinohe is a 5km pathway that winds along the coastline, overlooking... More
4 months ago
Aoi Umi Kōen, or 'Blue Ocean Park', is a small park on the Mutsu Bay in Aomori. On a map, it does... More
4 months ago
When we hear "Tohoku" we tend to think about the disaster in 2011, however, once you go and see what's... More
4 months ago