Cities in Aomori
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Hotel Pearl City Hachinohe

A comfortable hotel located near Hon-Hachinohe Station

Hotel Crown Palais, Aomori

Comfortable, top-quality accommodation in Aomori

Tanabu Festival

Three nights of lights, shrines, sake and festive people

Misawa Air Show

Jets dance in the sky over the US Air Force base

Community discussion

The Autumn Rice Field Art of Aomori

Hahaha, I'm very sure people know it's not crop're always at good spots for reporting!

Misawa Air Show

I know how much noise fighter jets, maybe more than thunder.

Hotokeguara, the Buddha Rock

What a fantastic place! I want to go there sometime!

A Stroll Along Aomori Bay

Thanks Shawn! Of course, as I'm sure you know as a local, there's plenty more in Aomori as well! I just loved the bay area especially.