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Cities in Aomori
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Latest travel features
Yoboso Restaurant and Inn
This March marks the third anniversary of Japan's triple disaster which primarily affected the Tō... More
14 a month ago
Ominato Nebuta
Walking through the streets overlain with sunset hues, the distant rumble of drums could be heard... More
21 a month ago
Furofushi Onsen
Tohoku is known for its rustic beauty, cold winters, and abundant amount of hot springs. From sma... More
07 2 months ago
Awone Shirakami Jyuniko Resort
Awone Shirakami Jyuniko Resort (sometimes written with “Juniko”) is a nature lover’s dream destination.... More
06 2 months ago
Wild Horses of Cape Shiriya
Hidden on the furthest northeastern tip of Honshu lies Cape Shiriya. The seascape in this area, with... More
19 3 months ago
Aomori Wakinosawa Youth Hostel
Without traveling to the outermost Okinawan islands or the extremities of Hokkaido, it's hard to get... More
19 4 months ago
Photo stories
Photo story icon Snow Trekking in Aomori
Ever want to try something different during winter? Me too. So here's your answer: snow trekking ... More
06 2 months ago
Photo story icon Igloo Making Experience
Awone Shirakami Jyuniko Resort is a nature lover's resort. Being steps away from Juniko Lakes, th... More
06 2 months ago
Photo story icon Aomori A-Factory
Located on the waterfront just a minute from Aomori station, A-Factory is a great place to sample locally... More
03 5 months ago
Photo story icon Saisho-in temple, Hirosaki
The pagoda at Saisho-in temple was built around 350 years ago to commemorate those who died in battle... More
03 5 months ago
Photo story icon Zenringai
Not far south of Hirosaki Park is Zenringai, a district with two streets packed with 33 temples and... More
25 5 months ago
Photo story icon Utou-jinja Shrine, Aomori
In the very heart of bustling Aomori city, just a short walk from the station, Utou-jinja is an appealing... More
14 6 months ago