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Latest travel features
Mihara Station
Mihara Station is located in Mihara city in Hiroshima Prefecture. It lies between Hiroshima city and... More
a month ago
Moomin Exhibit in Hiroshima
The Hiroshima Prefectural Art Museum is hosting a Moomin exhibit from Aug. 8 to Sept. 6 in celebration... More
a month ago
Peace Memorial Park
The area that is now Peace Memorial Park was once known as Nakajima-cho, a bustling hub in Hiroshima... More
a month ago
Maneki Neko Cat Cafe in Hiroshima
Hidden in the side streets near Yokogawa Station is Maneki Neko, a quaint cafe filled with fluffy felines. For... More
a month ago
Photo stories
Photo story icon Miyajima in black and white
I love the ever changing blues of the sea, the soft beige-grays of old wood that echo the color of the... More
a week ago
Photo story icon Kosanji: A Glorious Temple - 2
Mr. Kozo Kanemoto (he later changed his surname to Kosanji) started to build this temple in 1937. It... More
a month ago
Photo story icon Kosanji: Opaline Hill of Hope - 3
'Miraishin no Oka', the Hill of Hope, was made and landscaped by the internationally renowned sculptor,... More
a month ago
Photo story icon Kosanji: Temple of Filial Piety - 1
Ikuchi-jima Island in the Seto Inland Sea is connected to the mainland Japan by the Nishiseto Expressway,... More
a month ago