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Onomichi’s 'Cat Alley'
The temples and shrines of Onomichi that make up the area’s famed temple walk are indeed grand. So... More
Calendar icon 3 weeks ago
Hiroshima Wi-Fi
As of March, 2014 visitors to the areas around the Peace Park in the central areas of Hiroshima city,... More
Calendar icon 4 months ago
Art Cafe ELK
Sometimes while traveling around Japan you may feel a bit lost and out of your element. Everything that... More
Calendar icon 5 months ago
Tacos & Tequila at Taqueria Jardin
This great little (and I really mean little- there is standing room for 6 or 8 can sit and stand if... More
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148 Hiroo
Club 360 Tokyo
Wi-Fi in Japan
Photo stories
Photo story icon On top of Miyajima
A UNESCO world heritage site, the gate at Miyajima is one of the most heavily photographed objects in... More
Calendar icon 9 months ago
Photo story icon Memorial Cathedral for World Peace
Father Hugo Lassalle miraculously survived the destruction of the original Catholic church in atomic... More
Calendar icon 10 months ago
Photo story icon Fukuyama Castle Park
Fifteen minutes by Shinkansen from Hiroshima Station, Fukuyama, the second largest city in the Hiroshima... More
Calendar icon 11 months ago
Photo story icon Kure "Yamato" Maritime Museum
The Yamato, the biggest warship ever built, was constructed in Kure during the second World War. It... More
Calendar icon 11 months ago