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Hakodate's Historical Architecture

A quick look at the western influence in Hakodate

Otaru's Hotel Sonia in Hokkaido

Ideally located accommodations for the budget-minded

Hokkaido's Otokoyama Sake Brewery

340 years of history in Asahikawa

Hokkaido's Amazing Flower Fields

The Shikisai-no-Oka Garden in Biei

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Beauty and Bureaucracy

Cool building and amazing nature pics. Turtle power!!!

Kutchan Station

Do you know if the train between Kutchan and Otaru has a toilet? I will be travelling on it in February (the 06.22 train)

Hakodate's Historical Architecture

I didn't know it was in the plans to have a Shinkansen to Hokkaido. I used the Super Hakucho from Hachinohe when I went there. Now we can take it from Aomori cutting the travel time. There are also some...

Sapporo Botanical Garden

This place looks peaceful. I am a gardening novice, but I am unclear what the Canadian rock garden is. Is this a style or rock garden, a donation from Canada, or something else?