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Singapore Kopitiam

Sapporo's very own Singaporean hawker centre

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A unique way to experience Hokkaido in winter

Kitahiroshima Classe Hotel Sapporo

Mother Nature and Father Time


The romance of Hakodate

Community discussion

Hokkaido Jingu, Sapporo

I like that the omikuji were advertised in English! But I don't think the paper you get is anything but Japanese, huh? Still cool though.

Otaru Canal

Very picturesque!

Sungreen Fruit & Veggies

Very colorful and looks very healthy!

Cheapest Ways from Tokyo to Sapporo

Seeing the word "cheapest" in the title, I thought I may such extremes as hitchhiking, riding a bike, or walking. Instead, you provided a very detailed analysis of more reasonable and timely options....