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Ice Fishing on the Barato River

A unique way to experience Hokkaido in winter

Kitahiroshima Classe Hotel Sapporo

Mother Nature and Father Time


The romance of Hakodate

Summer Festivities in Niseko

Niseko embraces its warm festive spirit

Community discussion

Hakodate: From dusk until dark

I love these photos. I'm definitely making a trip here in the near future!

The Tancho Crane Reserve in Kushiro

This is a lovely place. I would love to visit here one day!

Sapporo Co-op Markets Kitahiroshima

The Sapporo Co-op celebrates 50 years of community and nature's harvest this year. Congratulations to the 1.5 million members who have made Sapporo a wonderful place to live.

Kitahiroshima Classe Hotel Sapporo

With just the forest all around me, I found peace halfway across the Pacific. I hope you will find it too.