About Kochi
Area:7,103.91 sq. km

Located in the Shikoku region, Kochi is perhaps best known for being the birthplace of the legendary Japanese revolutionary Sakamoto Ryoma, one of the most important figures in modern Japanese history; his statue on Katsurahama Beach is arguably the Mecca for Ryoma fanatics.

Kochi Castle is one of the oldest castles in Japan still standing, while the beautiful Shimanto River is said to be “Japan’s last fresh stream.”

Two notable activities in Kochi include whale-watching and the famous Yosakoi Dance Festival every August. If you're on a long vacation (and want to get some exercise), try the Shikoku O-henro, a pilgrimage of 88 temples that runs through Kochi (16 of the temples are located within the prefecture) and covers all of Shikoku, spanning 1200 km long. And while you're in Kochi, be sure to try katsuo tataki, seasoned and lightly grilled bonito sashimi.

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Community discussion

Sunrise Over the Foggy Ocean

Stunning as usual, Hitose-san! Bravo!

Kamisuki Experience in Kochi

Yeah, what a great escape form the civilization!

Kohanyu Cafe

Hope to go to Kochi soon. Will remember this!!

Spring at Makino Botanical Garden

This was my first trip to Kochi, Veronika, but I would absolutely return just to go back to the Makino Botanical Garden. It was really gorgeous.