Cities in Kochi
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Kohanyu Cafe

A riverside cafe in rural Kochi

Spring at Makino Botanical Garden

Kochi welcomes the warmer months with a burst of color

Pirate Ship of Tosa?

Mysterious fishing boats floating on a foggy sea

Sunrise Over the Foggy Ocean

Mystic scenery at little known place on the Tosa coast

Community discussion

Kamisuki Experience in Kochi

Yeah, what a great escape form the civilization!

Kohanyu Cafe

Hope to go to Kochi soon. Will remember this!!

Spring at Makino Botanical Garden

This was my first trip to Kochi, Veronika, but I would absolutely return just to go back to the Makino Botanical Garden. It was really gorgeous.

Hakoba Farmers' Inn

That's a nice read, would want to go to such traditional homestays!