Cities in Kochi
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Pirate Ship of Tosa?

Mysterious fishing boats floating on a foggy sea

Sunrise Over the Foggy Ocean

Mystic scenery at little known place on the Tosa coast

Searching for Ryoma 1: Katsurahama

The Kochi beach Japan hero Ryoma Sakamoto grew up on


Temple #36 of the Ohenro 88 temple pilgrimage

Community discussion

Sunrise Over the Foggy Ocean

Just seeing the photos is mesmerising enough, can't image the experience of seeing it first hand. Very alluring pictures as always!

Pirate Ship of Tosa?

I always love these photos, but this story might be my favorite!

Getting Lost at Wakamiya Onsen

This article was compelling enough that when I went to Ehime last year, I tried to get a chance to make my way further down the island to stop specifically at this onsen. I didn't make it that time around...

Hakoba Farmers' Inn

hello Dana, could we also go there, i mean me and my wife?