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An Adventure to Udo's Cave Shrine

A cave shrine well off the beaten track

Relax in Miyazaki's Cinq Male Hotel

Hot Springs, ocean views, and a wonderful sunrise await

Hiking in Beautiful Kaeda Valley

A hike full of pristine beauty and rushing waters

Aoshima's Hidden Japanese Garden

This unknown Japanese garden guarantees peace of mind

Community discussion

An Adventure to Udo's Cave Shrine

Cave shrine! Very cool.

A Secret Treasure in Miyazaki

Beautiful photos looks like a amazing place to go for a bike ride!

Aoshima's Hidden Japanese Garden

What camera do you use to take these amazing photos! Can't believe that place is even real, definitely on my list to visit now.

Ebino Ikemeguri Nature Trail

Thank you! This area, though filled with things to do, is actually only a small part of this amazing national park.