Nohara by Mizuno - Shop, Cafe & Kitchen, Run & Fitness Station


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148 Hiroo
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Neco Bar Cafe, Nara
The deer in Nara Park may be the first animal most people associate with Japan’s ancient capital city... More
Calendar icon 5 days ago
Sealed Buddhist Statue of Horyu-ji
Horyu-ji Temple is known for its 650 ancient Buddhist statues amassed during its 1400 year histor... More
Calendar icon 4 weeks ago
A Visit to Horyuji
Horyuji ("Temple of Flourishing Law") in Nara is well known as one of the oldest wooden constructions... More
Calendar icon a month ago
Miracle-working Kannon at Hase-dera
Nara’s Hase-dera Temple is located in the mountain village of Hatsuse, Sakurai City. Although tod... More
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Club 360 Tokyo
Wi-Fi in Japan
Photo stories
Photo story icon Horyu-ji Temple's Western Precinct
Horyu-ji Temple, about a one hour trip from Kyoto, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It includes t... More
Calendar icon a month ago
Photo story icon Kasuga Taisha Shrine
Kasuga Taisha Shrine, located in Nara Park and sandwiched between the huge temple complexes of Ko... More
Calendar icon a month ago
Photo story icon The Deer of Nara Park
Nara park is a famous local attraction, known for its gorgeous nature. Considered a national treasure,... More
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Photo story icon Peony Gardens in Hase-dera, Nara
Hase-dera Temple in early May is filled with peony flowers. Fields alongside the covered stone steps... More
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