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Nara City

Japan's former capital combines history and nature

Tsukigase Plum Grove in Nara

Mountain village slowly wakes to spring's embrace

Nara's Yamayaki Festival

Watching Mt. Wakakusa Burn

Isuien Garden

An exceptional Japanese-style garden in Nara

Community discussion

Nara City

How lucky you were, Todaiji was not so crowded.

Todaiji Temple in Nara

It is truly impressive. I remember my trip there 5 years ago and yes, I was able to crawl through the hole as well! Good memories.

The Deer of Nara Park

Hi Alexandra! How far a walk is Nara Park from the Nara JR station? Nice pictures!

The Great Todaiji Temple

I have never been there, but at least I had a virtual excursion! Thanks. Irma.