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Tōdai-ji, Deer, and Gardens in Nara
Nara is the capital city of Nara Prefecture, located in the Kansai region of Japan directly bordering... More
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Picnic at Mount Wakakusa
The sun and the wind were in full force. Ahead of me lay a visual feast of endless green and blue. Wild... More
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Nara National Museum
There is a quote by Doris Lessing, which I like in particular: “That is what learning is. You sud... More
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Neco Bar Cafe, Nara
The deer in Nara Park may be the first animal most people associate with Japan’s ancient capital city... More
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148 Hiroo
Club 360 Tokyo
Photo stories
Photo story icon Nara Tokae
Dating back to more than a decade ago, “Tokae” is a lantern festival that takes place every August... More
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Photo story icon Nigatsu-do Hall in Todaiij Temple
Designated as a National Treasure, Nigatsu-do Hall (also known as ‘Hall of the Second Month) is located... More
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Photo story icon Kamameshi Restaurant
Kamameshi is a traditional Japanese meal where the dish is cooked in an iron pot (the 'kama'). There... More
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Photo story icon Illuminara: Manyo Botanical Garden
Until the end of September, the illumination event, 'Illuminara' is held at Manyo Botanical Garden in... More
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