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Discovering Asuka Mura in Nara
Yesterday, I went with a friend to a quiet village in the mountainous area of Nara prefecture, As... More
18 yesterday
Time stands still at Nara
Walking along the path that leads to Kasuga Taisha shrine is like walking back in time, to a place where... More
06 a month ago
Sunroute Nara Hotel
Nara is a relatively small city that has several options when it comes to deciding on a place to stay.... More
30 6 months ago
Kaidan-in at Todai-ji Temple
Kaidan-in, a part of Todai-ji Temple, was once an extremely solemn place where monks-in-training were... More
27 6 months ago
Nara Toshodai-ji Temple in Autumn
Toshodai-ji Temple in Nara is the head temple of the Ritsu sect of Buddhism in Japan. The Ritsu s... More
25 6 months ago
Tomiyamakan Ryokan Sakurai
As Nara prefecture is largely a mountainous region it’s no surprise that it’s much different from... More
22 6 months ago
Photo stories
Photo story icon Doll Festival in Takatori-cho
March 3rd is Hinamatsuri, or girls' day. To celebrate this festival, households with daughters set up... More
13 2 months ago
Photo story icon Nara Prefectural Government Office
Nara is a beautiful little town that’s as popular for its deer as it is for its many historical sights.... More
28 6 months ago
Photo story icon Tamaki Shrine
Tamaki Shrine, located in Totsukawa Village and near the top of Tamaki Mountain, is one of the main... More
13 8 months ago
Photo story icon Todaiji Temple Light Up, Nara
I went to Nara Tokae in 2012, an annual event held in summer. The event gives you the rare chance to... More
20 a year ago
Photo story icon Sakura of Mount Yoshino in Nara
Could I die under a cherry blossom tree in full bloom on a full-moon night of spring? - Monk Saigyo... More
16 a year ago
Photo story icon Nara Tokae and the Ukimido Pavilion
History is re-created in Nara every year in August when tens of thousands of candles are lit up in the... More
09 a year ago