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A Walk through Nara Park
Nara Park, located in Nara city, was established in 1880 and encompasses a wide area including major... More
3 weeks ago
Tōdai-ji, Deer, and Gardens in Nara
Nara is the capital city of Nara Prefecture, located in the Kansai region of Japan directly bordering... More
a month ago
Picnic at Mount Wakakusa
The sun and the wind were in full force. Ahead of me lay a visual feast of endless green and blue. Wild... More
a month ago
Nara National Museum
There is a quote by Doris Lessing, which I like in particular: “That is what learning is. You sud... More
a month ago
Photo stories
Photo story icon Faces in Todaiji Temple in Nara
Todaiji Temple is one of the most famous temples in Japan. It is a wonderful place to visit and its... More
a week ago
Photo story icon Red Maple Carpet at a Flower Temple
Hese-dera Temple, which is also called 'The Temple of Flowers', provides impressive scenic beauty each... More
2 weeks ago
Photo story icon Autumn at Kinpusen-ji
In November of 2012 I joined a bus tour for a rare opportunity to view the magnificent blue statues... More
2 weeks ago
Photo story icon Katsuragi-Hitokotonushi Shrine
This shrine belongs to the Shinto god, Ichigon-san, who will only hear one word of a prayer. People... More
3 weeks ago