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Isuien Garden

An exceptional Japanese-style garden in Nara

Yoshikien Garden

A small yet beautiful landscape

Caffé Ciao Presso

Have a cup of real Italian coffee in Nara

The Great Todaiji Temple

Taking a closer look at the famous landmark of Nara

Community discussion

Caffé Ciao Presso

Lester, the author said "in their Nara stores", does it mean there are not-Nara stores? :)

Todaiji Temple in Nara

I never knew there was orginally supposed to be two pillars in the design. Also, I will need to check out the museum when I visit!

Manyo Botanical Garden

That wisteria is beautiful! I was here in April last year and surprisingly, not much was in bloom. I guess I'll have to return!

Isuien Garden

Very scenic garden, great photos and a good read :)