About Toyama
Area:4247.61 sq. km

The characters for Toyama mean “abundant in mountains,” and just as its name suggests, its many 3,000-meter mountains offer challenging hikes for outdoor enthusiasts.

Though lesser known than the nearby Shirakawa-go, the Gokayama district is famous for its similar gassho-zukuri style houses and is a World Heritage Site as well. The Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route is a scenic drive in the warmer seasons but is surrounded by walls of snow (often higher than 10 meters tall) in the winter.

The powerful Kurobe Dam in Kurobe Gorge is the largest dam in Japan, while Zuiryu-ji is the prefecture’s only national treasure. Dishes of buri, or yellowtail, is the prefecture’s speciality cuisine.

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Mount Tateyama

beautiful..dream destination!

The Ever Changing Toyama Coast

Gorgeous! Of course I'm late to see these, haha!

Yakou Matsuri

Jonathan, your portrait shots are so well done! Very impressive. And the festival itself looks like quite the event. It's almost a shame to see the beautiful floats take such a beating.

Kojo Park

This is amazing! I feel like going to Takaoka Kojo Park somewhere in November))))