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Nunobashi Kanjou
It is the middle day of Autumn Equinox. Picture about 300 women dressed in white death robes, str... More
11 4 months ago
Tateyama Museum of Toyama
While visiting Oyama Jinja and the sites of Nunobashi at Ashikuraji, drop in to Tateyama Museum f... More
11 4 months ago
Experience the splendour of a magnificent early Edo Period temple in Takaoka, Toyama-ken. Magnificent... More
11 4 months ago
The Tsuzawa Yotaka Andon Matsuri
This festival lantern costs well over a month's worth of hard work and late nights, mentions a 60-something... More
22 8 months ago
Kanayamachi old town, Takaoka
In 1609, local chieftain Toshinaga Maeda was tasked by his father Toshiie Maeda with protecting the... More
28 9 months ago
Takaoka Kojo Park
Kojo Park packs an awful lot of interest into a fairly small area. The name means ‘Old Castle Park’,... More
28 9 months ago
Photo stories
Photo story icon Tateyama's Snow Walls
Visit Toyama's snow corridor of Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, near Murodo Terminal. It is a place... More
17 a year ago