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On Osaka Station 2 years ago
I would call Hiroshima a major point. It's not a terminus for the main line. Nagoya is a terminus for JR Tokai, Osaka is one for JR West, and Okayama is one for JR Shikoku. I don't know much about Kyushu but I assume Fukuoka or Kitakyushu are terminus where you change train companies.

I consider a hub a central location for a major entity, core traffic point and operations facilities.
On Osaka Station 2 years ago
I never think of Osaka as a hub for central Japan. To me, Nagoya is the hub for central Japan and Osaka is a hub for western Japan.
On Gifu 2 years ago
I think they are in Shimizurokuchi Park on the south side of the station. That's where they hold the Kano festival aka the Firefly festival is held.
On Sky Lobby at Nagoya Marriott Tower 2 years ago
I'm there right now! This is just off the lobby between the elevator banks.
On The Toyota Automobile Museum 2 years ago
The whole reason there was a convertible version of the 2000GT in "You only live twice" was because Sean Connery couldn't fit into the roofed version. The convertible was designed and built in three weeks.

In May, there is a national gathering of classic car owners near the museum in Moricoro park. This year it will be May 26th.