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Mugs Cafe
Great Coffee and Burgers by the Sea
Right in the middle of downtown, between the two main ferry ports. Located along the sea, Mugs Cafe is a great place to get the kind of drinks you can't usually get at Mom n Pop cafes. Smoothies, shakes, blended coffee, espresso, coffee, juice, and more.
Cafe Kuguri
Great food in a relaxed space in the city
Cafe Kuguri is a great little cafe just west of the city center. Coffee and desserts are available all day, as well as morning and lunch sets. Closed Sundays.
Ooasahiko Shrine
A wonderful shrine in Naruto
OoAsahiko ( 大麻比古神社 ) is a Shinto Shrine in Naruto, Tokushima. Located within walking distance of Ryozen Temple, it is the first of the Shikoku 88 Temple Pilgrimage.
Chocolat Chocolat Coffee
Easily the best cafe in Sanuki City
Cozy nooks, soft sofas, and a modern design make this comfortable cafe in Sanuki City a great place to meet people for a cup of coffee, a sweet treat, or even a full meal.
A large, mountain monastery of the Soto Zen sect
Zuio-ji is a temple monastery of the Soto sect of Zen Buddhism. Many monks live, train, work, and study here. Meditation is free for lay people to attend.
Milano no Okazuyasan
A bargain Italian restaurant in downtown Takamatsu
Milano no Okazuyasan is a great Italian restaurant in downtown Takamatsu. Family run with a wide menu and generous portions, you get a great value here. The fettuccine, salad dressing, bread, and many of the desserts are fresh-made throughout each day.
Take 5
Great burger bar in the heart of Takamatsu
Take 5 is a delicious little burger cafe in the heart of Takamatsu City. Possibly the best burger to be had in the city and located in the center of town, near Marugamemachi Green and the post office in the Kataharamachi area of downtown.
The Yashima Plateau
Spend a day exploring historic Yashima
Yashima is a plateau in Takamatsu City with a long history. There are shrines, a temple, a castle ground, hiking paths, and plenty of places to get stunning views of the surrounding area.
Hiking Yashima Plateau
A great way to get some exercise and get out in nature
Yashima Plateau is the biggest green space in central Takamatsu and it has a great trail for short day hikes.
Kurozo Marshlands
A great place to spend a quiet day in the Iya Valley
A beautiful mountain marsh in the rustic Iya Valley region of Tokushima on the island of Shikoku, Japan. There is a boardwalk hike, observatories, lookouts, a small waterfall, a nearby hot spring, and places to picnic.
Found: 42 results