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A General Guide to Japan Rail Passes
The right rail passes to travel around Japan
A general guide to rail passes that can be used in Japan's major cities.
A Guide to Japanese Visas
A general overview of the Japanese visa system
This guide provides a general overview of the visa categories available to visitors to Japan.
Yamagata Snow Festival
A winter celebration in snowy Tohoku
Yamagata hosts a winter festival on the first weekend of February 2017.
Hakkoda Ropeway
All-season access to the Hakkoda mountains
The Hakkoda Ropeway carries visitors year-round to the peaks of the Hakkoda Mountains in Aomori.
Arita Ceramics Fair
Annual porcelain sale in the heart of Kyushu
The town of Arita, the birthplace of porcelain in Japan, holds an annual ceramics fair during Golden Week.
Shimane Prefecture
Home of Izumo-Taisha, Matsue Castle and the Oki Islands
Shimane Prefecture, on Japan's Inland Sea, is a small area packed with plenty of sights, from shrines to castles to gardens.
Kusasenri Plateau
Sweeping grasslands at the peak of Mt Aso
A grassy plateau sits atop the five peaks of Mt Aso, one of Japan's most impressive volcanoes.
Aso Fire Festival
A springtime celebration in the Mt Aso region
The slopes of Mt Aso are alight with flames during the annual March fire festival.
Arao Rice Planting Festival
Planting Japan's staple crop
The town of Arao holds a rice planting festival to kick off the start of the annual growing season.
Nagasaki Lantern Festival
A two-week celebration for Chinese New Year
Nagasaki rings in the Chinese New Year with a two week cultural celebration.
Found: 345 results