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On Tobu World Square 2 years ago
Wow, I never heard that Japan have this "small world" place. It feels like tour around the world just in one day
On Ibaraki's Flower Hill Hanazono 2 years ago
woww what a beautiful garden, will definitely drop by if i have a chance
On Chion-ji Hyakumanben Craft Markets 2 years ago
o my GOD, I thought the last one were washi papers for origami, hihihi but actually those are oil face papers, so unique, and the most important...
On Tsuetate Hot Springs in Kyushu 2 years ago
wowwww a lot of koinobori :)
On La Sora Seed Restaurant in Tokyo 3 years ago
wow it will become my coolest eating experience if I can visit this Restaurant