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On Fukusai-ji Temple a month ago
This location speaks volumes about the need to know the background story. If I was to pass a rather weird looking turtle-shaped concrete temple,...
On Kinugawa Onsen Sanraku Hotel 3 months ago
It is high-end, but you can get a room via Booking.com for around JPY25,000/person, including the sumptious dinner. Min. 2 people.
On Suntory Musashino Brewery Tour 4 months ago
Nice overview of an increasingly popular type of tour - industrial tours. Japan has the best factories after all.

Since you can drink a...
On Cheap Ways to Travel Japan 4 months ago
Do you know about Seishun 18 tickets? These are the best value JR rail tickets you can buy and work out at just JPY2,370 a day. They're available...
On Cheap Ways to Travel Japan 4 months ago
For sure, if you have already been to Japan several times, I agree that "hubbing and spoking" out of a central location is a great idea. Airbnb...