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Hanami at Nishi Park
Enjoy cherry blossoms in downtown Fukuoka
Hiking Mt. Kaya
Itoshima’s little Mt. Fuji's got views
Hiking guide to Mt. Kaya, the little Mt. Fuji of Fukuoka's Itoshima Peninsula. Short beginner hike with panoramic views of sun, sea, mountains, and more.
Yunotsu Hot Spring
Little historic onsen port of Shimane
Yunotsu Hot Spring is small port town with historic bathhouses, fine inns, classy cafes, and World Heritage Site status in Shimane, Japan.
Meguruya: Classy Travelers' Café
Turn back the time in a traditional Meiji-period home
Meguruya is a classy traveler’s café in a 120-year-old home in the Yunotsu Hot Spring area, a World Heritage Site near the Iwami Silver Mine.
Through the Wisteria Tunnels
The phenomenal Kawachi flower tunnels in the rain
The Kawachi Fuji-en wisteria tunnels are a flower experience like no other, bringing crowds from around the world to this mountain garden in southern Japan.
Kawachi Wisteria Tunnels Experience
Wisteria paradise up close
The wisteria tunnels are the highlight of Kawachi Fuji-en, a world-renown garden in the mountains of southern Japan with passageways under millions of flowers.
Kawachi Wisteria Tunnels
Flowing gardens of purple, pink, and white
The wisteria tunnels and surrounding gardens of Kawachi Fuji-en draw flower enthusiasts from around the world each spring to Kitakyushu in the south of Japan.
A Walk to the Tsuzura Castle Ruins
Late spring scenes in a village of Saga
A walk to the Tsuzura Castle Ruins in spring takes you past wheat fields, flowers, and small wildlife
Bathing across time
Yunotsu, a noted hot spring resort, is a World Heritage Site along with the nearby Iwami Silver Mine. Yakushi-yu is its most famous bathhouse.
Mt. Takagi in Late Winter
Peaceful, grassy, mountainous terrain
Mt. Takagi in late winter makes for a pleasant drive or stroll among the grassy mountainsides of Aso's volcano caldera. Includes the Mt. Rakan Crags.
Found: 96 results