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Akita Tour and Yokote Kamakura Snow Festival
Candle-lit snow houses melt your winter blues away
A Healing Trip in Akita
Nourishment for body and soul
I recommend Akita to those who had been to Japan a few times and are trying to seek for a deeper Japan experience in their next journey. In Akita, you can enjoy hot springs, join the festivals, learn the local culture and appreciate its natural beauty. I am sure you will have a memorable and unforgettable journey here.
Winter Bonden Festival in Daisen
Portable shrines carried across a river to a mountain
A winter festival to bring good luck and prosperity in Daisen
Nanataki Falls
Northern Akita's beautiful slice of nature
Less than 20 km southwest of the famous Lake Towada lies another beauty of nature, the Nanataki Falls. Literally meaning “seven waterfalls,” Nanataki Falls was listed as one of Japan’s top 100 waterfalls by the Japanese Ministry of the Environment in 1990.
Akita Winter Festivals
Some of the winter festival to see in Akita in winter
Some of the winter festivals in Akita Prefecture
Yuzawa Inukko Dog Festival
A tribute to the faithful Akita
Inukko, dog festival is held every second weekend in February in Yuzawa City Akita
Sato Yosuke Udon Restaurant, Yokote
A restaurant and a museum under one roof
A traditional udon restaurant in a store house in Akita
The Akita Nairiku Line in Winter
Going slow through the snow
Take a ride through a rural snowscape and discover the magic of rural Japan along the Akita Nairiku Line.
Paper Balloon Festival in Senboku
Kamihinokinai host a paper balloon festival in February
The Paper Balloon festival is a very colourful festival in the middle of the Akita winter
The Namahage Sedo Festival
A scary and exciting festival in Oga Peninsula of Akita
The Namahage Festival is held each year on the second Friday, Saturday and Sunday of February, around the time of the old or lunar new year. Namahage are ogre like creatures that roam around the Oga Peninsula of Akita, looking for lazy or disobedient kids.
Found: 126 results