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Chiba Station Opens After Remodel
JR Station gets new look, shopping area, restaurants
Remodeled JR Chiba Station finally opens in November 2016.
Chiba Park in Autumn
A scenic park a short walk from Chiba Station
Chiba Park is just a 15-minute walk from Chiba Station. Check out the fall leaves!
Kashiwa Matsuri
A modern festival with plenty of tradition
Kashiwa Matsuri is a huge festival with a wide range of street food, music, games, dance, and floats. Despite all the drinking and crowds, this is a safe festival for people and families of all ages.
Tenjinyama Park Sakura - Part 2
Late blooms for cherry blossom trees in Chiba
More, more more! Late cherry blossoms in local Chiba park.
The Inoh Tadataka Museum
Story behind the first ever map of Japan
Follow the story of Inoh Tadataka, the first man to create an accurate map of Japan.
Big Buddha at Nihon-ji, Chiba
Hand-carved stone Buddha overlooks temple on mountain
31-meter, stone-carved Buddha in Nokogiriyama, Chiba!
Plum Blossoms and Buddha
Springtime at the giant Buddha in Nokogiriyama, Chiba
Plum blossoms surround giant stone-carved Buddha in Chiba.
Country Side Of Japan
Scenes from Japan's other half: The quiet countryside

Quiet, quaint and no free wifi to be found, that's how we roll in the Japanese country side.

Narita City at Night
Enjoy sleepy Naritasan Temple and its Omotesando
Most people only know Narita for being Japan’s main gateway at Narita International Airport, not knowing that the city also possesses its own charm. Especially after sundown.
Summer Flowers in Chiba
Vibrant flowers help beat the summer heat
Summer Flowers in Chiba
Found: 181 results