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Zodiac Sculptures in Narita Town
The animals made of stone
Stone sculptures of the Chinese Zodiac animals in Narita Town
Mount Saw Tooth, Chiba Prefecture
Strenuous exercise, history, with a spectacular view
Mt. Saw Tooth, Chiba Prefecture: Day trip from the city for strenuous exercise, a history lesson, and some great view points for picture taking.
Sawtooth Mountain In Spring
Giant stone-carved buddha, ocean views and plum blossoms
Big Buddha at Sawtooth Mountain will rock your world.
ANA Launches Mexico City Flights
Japanese airline's first flights to Mexico
Japanese airline All Nippon Airways (ANA) has launched direct daily flights between Tokyo Narita airport and Mexico City.
Dream Dairy Farm in Narita
Friendly animals and fresh dairy produce in a vast yard
Narita Dream Dairy Farm in Narita City, Chiba prefecture, is a peaceful place with extensive yards, friendly animals and their own tasty fresh dairy produce.
Chiba's 'Resort in Shirahama'
A budget hotel in Minami Boso with lovely sea views
A good choice for travelers on a budget and those with dogs, all rooms at the 'Resort in Shirahama' boast beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean.
Chiba Station Opens After Remodel
JR Station gets new look, shopping area, restaurants
Remodeled JR Chiba Station finally opens in November 2016.
Chiba Station Expands, Adds Shops
Station adds more than 40 shops/markets after remodel
Visitors to Chiba City can enjoy more than 20 new shops and markets after the JR Chiba Station remodel opened in the end of November.
Chiba Park in Autumn
A scenic park a short walk from Chiba Station
Chiba Park is just a 15-minute walk from Chiba Station. Check out the fall leaves!
Narita Town
Interesting place for a 1-day visit
Narita is not just an airport, but a nice town with Naritasan temple and Japanese garden.
Found: 153 results