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The Harima Cycling Paradise
Harima – the new cycling destination of Japan
Eight cities and towns in the Harima Province will eventually be connected with cycling routes in the hope of promoting cycling tourism in the local area.
Kobe Nunobiki Herb Garden
Outdoor flower garden and ropeway with a view of Kobe
Kobe Nunobiki Herb Garden is a nice place to walk and enjoy seasonal flowers, a waterfall, and the view of Kobe City.
Top 5 Things to Do in Hyogo
Activity guide for Hyogo Prefecture, Japan
View our Japan Travel guide to the top five things to do in Hyogo Prefecture
The Takedao Abandoned Railway Hike
Hiking through dark tunnels and abandoned train tracks.
Take a scenic 5km hike along abandoned railways in the Hyogo Prefecture.
Tour of Mount Rokko
Introducing the special Rokko-san tourist pass!
Use the Rokkosan Tourist Pass to see all that Mt Rokko has to offer!
Cafe Kantokotoro in Southern Kobe
Hidden gem near Maiko Station & Akashi Kaikyo Bridge
Located in Southern Kobe, near Maiko Station, Cafe Kantokotoro is a wonderful place to relax and take in the view of famous Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, which connects the mainland to Awaji Island.
Mount Shosha
The Highest Peak in Himeji
Mount Shosha, the highest mountain in Himeji
Kobe to Kansai Airport
Ferry, train or bus?
Sannomiya in Kobe is just across the bay from Kansai Airport, being the gateway to Hyogo Prefecture, the Setouchi Inland Sea and the International Cruise Ship Terminal in Kobe Port. There are three ways to go to Kobe from Kansai Airport. So what is the cheapest, most comfortable and quickest way to travel? It all depends on your preference.
Amanohashidate to Kobe by Train
Crossing the Tanba Mountains
Amanohashidate and Kobe are both popular attractions for visitors, especially second or third time visitors who have already visited Kyoto and Tokyo. On the other hand, very few travel between these two scenic ports by land, though cruise ships passengers have the option to sail between the two. A great way to see rural Japan is to cross the Tamba Mountains. At the castle town of Fukuchiyama, change to a limited express bound for Osaka. You will discover the beauty of soaring mountains, steep ravines and see first hand the peaceful scenery of farmers tending to their rice fields.
"The Wonderful Parade" in Kobe
Watch fun energetic sketch comedy in the New Year
On the first weekend after the New Year, Japanese sketch team To R Mansion will perform their full-length show "The Wonderful Parade" at Kobe Village Art Center.
Found: 173 results