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Cherry Blossoms at Ichifusa Dam
10,000 cherry trees along the shoreline
Ichifusa Dam within Kuma Prefectural Park is the second most popular place for cherry blossoms in Kumamoto. Approximately 10,000 blossoms were planted along the lake and you could enjoy the view while driving. During the cherry blossom season there are a number of special events, with food stands at Ichifusa Damukoenchi and people enjoying a picnic.
Kumamoto-style ramen near the castle
Tengaiten (天外天) serves up Kumamoto ramen in the city centre – tonkotsu ramen with garlic.
The Gems of Kyushu: Nagasaki and Kumamoto
Discover the two cities easily using Ocean Arrow Ferry
Kyushu, located Southwest of the main island Honshu, is Japan’s third largest island with Fukuoka as its capital.
Jizake-dokoro Tachibana Liquor shop
Look for your favorite local sake in Kumamoto
Jizake-dokoro Tachibana Liquor Shop sources selected sakes directly from producers in Kumamoto and other prefectures. You would be excited when you see their huge variety of stock. On their website they say that they don’t sell online as they prefer to “serve our customers directly with our selected items”. So if you talk with them, “I love this type of sake…,” they would definitely give some recommendations. Even if you don’t travel all over Japan, you should be able to find your favourite brands here.
Kyushu Scenic Train Route
Stunning scenic train route from Kumamoto to Kagoshima
An introduction to the scenic Yoshimatsu Line: enjoy the best of Kyushu scenery from Kumamoto to Kagoshima
Kusasenri Plateau
Sweeping grasslands at the peak of Mt Aso
A grassy plateau sits atop the five peaks of Mt Aso, one of Japan's most impressive volcanoes.
Aso Fire Festival
A springtime celebration in the Mt Aso region
The slopes of Mt Aso are alight with flames during the annual March fire festival.
Arao Rice Planting Festival
Planting Japan's staple crop
The town of Arao holds a rice planting festival to kick off the start of the annual growing season.
Yamaga Winter Lantern Festival
A Kumamoto town lights up its winter nights
Yamaga displays illuminated paper umbrellas and and bamboo candles on winter evenings in February.
Bridgestone Golf Range in Kumamoto
Fun lessons provided by kind and professional staff
Golf can be considered as an international sport enjoyed by men and women of all ages. Polish your techniques even further with informative lessons at Bridgestone Plaza Takuma.
Found: 176 results