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KYOTOGRAPHIE International Photography Festival
Presenting 14 exhibitions around Kyoto
Japan and photography lovers will be delighted by this festival held every Spring in Kyoto since 2013. Different subjects revolving around society are picked for theme and broached through original scenography, between traditional and contemporary, urban and nature.
Yabusame Shinji
Traditional horse riding event at Shimogamo shrine
Every year in early May. witness the Yabusame Shinji at Shimogamo shrine, where Japanese mounted archers fire arrows at enemy targets.
Cycling on a Single Ladies Course
Taking on a course unfit for strapping boys
Two unfit men conquer a cycling course around Kyoto titled "Single Ladies Course" in a guide book.
Kotohiki Beach
A secret sand paradise in northern Kansai
Discover a beach paradise in the Kyoto Prefecture complete with an outdoor bath on the beach!
Uji: Get Off Kyoto's Beaten Track
How to spend 24 hours in the city of Uji
Although slightly off the beaten-track, Uji is a great place to visit if you're already in nearby Kyoto or Osaka. Read here to find out more about the city of Uji.
Nostalgic Nijo
The Shogun’s palace
A visit to the Shogun's Palace. An extract from “Revolutions: Wandering and wondering on a sabbatical year”.
Keishun-in Temple in Kyoto
A relaxing temple with a serene garden
In Japan's ancient capital of Kyoto, Keishun-in is a very peaceful Zen Buddhist temple, with tranquil gardens unchanged in centuries.
Koryu-ji Temple in Kyoto
One of Kyoto's most ancient temples
Between central Kyoto and Arashiyama in Japan, Koryu-ji is an ancient Buddhist temple, home to some impressive, beautiful statues.
Hokongo-in Temple in Kyoto
An attractive temple and garden in western Kyoto
Between central Kyoto and Arashiyama in Japan, Hokongo-in is a Buddhist temple with an attractive garden and some impressive, ancient statues.
The Jotenkaku Museum in Kyoto
Home of national treasures & important cultural assets
The Jotenkaku Museum:five national treasures and 144 important cultural assets in Kyoto
Found: 770 results