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Oisesan Confectionary Expo 2017 in Mie Prefecture
Satisfying a sweet tooth craving with your mouth and your eyes
For the first time in its century-old history, the National Confectionery Expo is being held in Mie Prefecture, from Friday April 21st to Sunday May 14th 2017. Tickets are ¥1,800 for advance reservation and ¥2,000 at the gate. Official website in English:
Visit Ise Shima Toba
Find the secret spots hidden in Ise
Lobster Soft Ice Cream in Ise-Shima
Are you brave enough to try this lobster ice cream?
Ise-Shima National Park in Mie Prefecture is well-known for its legendary Ise Lobster. But, are you brave enough to try Ise Lobster in soft ice cream?
Motopia Amusement Park at Suzuka
Entertaining the kids in Middle-Earth Japan
At Suzuka Circuit in Japan's Mie Prefecture, Motopia is an amusement park ideal for young children, with fun rides, on-site hotel, hot spring baths and various dining options.
Iseshima: Location 2016 G7 Summit
A gorgeous tourist spot in Mie with delicious seafood
Affectionately reffered to as "Oise-san," I visited Ise Shrine before the G7 summit in May. Although there are are over 120 shrines to visit, I was only able to visit the main two shrines of Gaikuu and Naikuu, Okage-yokocho street, Mikimoto Pearl Island, and Married Couple Rocks.
Historic Ise
The most sacred area of Shintoism
Visiting the famous Shrines of Ise and enjoying the local lobster delicacy.
Meoto Iwa
Japan's famous "Married couple rocks"
Meoto Iwa – Japan's famous married couple rocks
Tea and Sweets at Akafuku
Famous sweets in a charming yesteryear setting
Enjoy Akafuku's famous red bean sweets at their nostalgic 300 year old store in Okage Yokocho near Ise Shrine.
Okage Yokocho at Mie-ken
Interesting for touring, shopping and Japanese food
The streets have a festival-like atmosphere all year. The "Okage-za" museum offers a glimpse into Ise's history and culture
Views from the Gozaisho Ropeway
Mountain scenes among the clouds
High among the mountains of Mie prefecture, the Gozaisho Ropeway stretches over 2 kilometers of picturesque scenery.
Found: 95 results