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Three Days Along Kisoji’s Nakasendo Trail (Day 2)
Experience the history and culture of Kisoji's ancient road
We headed to the Kiso Valley for a three-day trip along the Nakasendo to take in some of its key sights.
Kumobaike Pond in Karuizawa
A peaceful stroll in nature
Take a stroll around Kumobaike Pond in Karuizawa
Jigokudani Yaen-Koen's Snow Monkeys
Paradise of the onsen-bathing snow monkeys
In Japan's Nagano prefecture, Jigokudani Yaen-Koen is where you can find wild snow monkeys bathing in a natural hot spring pool.
One Day in Suwa
Itinerary for exploring Nagano's lakeside city
Apple Picking in Matsumoto
Experience Nagano's Specialty Apples and Farmhouse Life
Autumn is the season of beautiful, colored foliage, mushrooms in Nagano's forests, and, of course, the harvesting of fresh fruits – one of Nagano’s specialty! This year, a young farming couple, who moved from Tokyo to Matsumoto in Nagano Prefecture, started an apple picking experience in October.
Wasabi Special
A very special plant in Japan used in many ways
Special place for those who like wasabi - you should visit it!
Japan Food Trip
A delightful trip worth salivating for
Japan is a popular travel destination because their food is simply the best.
Kimono & Ninja Cosplay/Rental Shop
Newly opened near Matsumoto Castle
In Matsumoto, in Nagano Prefecture, a local beautician recently opened a fantastic shop of kimono (traditional Japanese clothes) and a ninja costume wearing & rental service.
Sakae Club Ski Area, Nagano
Fun day out at a lesser known ski area
Sakae Club Ski Resort is a small resort in Sakae Village, Nagano. 3 lifts, steep runs and a great day out.
The New Nagano Station
A new first impression for visitors to Nagano City
Over the past couple of decades, the Nagano Station area has undergone significant changes and improvements and in 2015, the biggest change finally was opened to the public: Nagano Station's new west "Zenkoji Entrance."
Found: 245 results