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Kashiwazaki Trip
Never look down on a small town
Kashiwazaki is a city located in the northern-central area of Niigata Prefecture, with a 89,000-strong population.
Anpesou Guest House in Bandai
Warmful, generous, well-located and cheap!
A cheap and warm guesthouse perfect for meeting new faces and visit the city thanks to its perfect location in the center of Niigata.
Niigata's Ancient Flame-shaped Pots
5,000 years of history with a real connection to today
Amazing pottery from 5,000 years ago. The birth of art in Japan. Flame-shaped pottery from the Shinano River area of Niigata.
The Ito Mansion
The northern culture museum
A description of my experience at the Ito mansion in Niigata prefecture. This is a translation of my previous article, approved by an english native speaker.
Gastro-Tourism in Snow Country
Foraging tour for foodies in the mountains of Yuzawa
Learn about Snow Country food culture as a local guide takes you foraging for mushrooms in the forests and mountains of Yuzawa. A private chef turns your finds into an amazing Japanese banquet paired with local wines and sake.
Nagaoka Festival
Hanabi (Fireworks) with a story
Nagaoka Festival and Fireworks a tradition since 1946 to commemorate victims of war and earthquakes.
APA Myoko Resort Niigata Prefecture
Featuring The Happiness Illuminations
APA Myoko Resort features a Guinness World Record Solar Powered LED Light Show. For the sports minded, there are many activities available from Golf to Fishing and much more.
Gon-chan: Melancholy Stones of Naeba
Notes from Fuji Rock Festival
The idea of big stones painted with mournful eyes and a gaze that petrifies -- to welcome and usher visitors to a rock festival venue, in my view, is a charming and an arresting idea.
Spontaneous Day Trip to Murakami
If Murakami is not on your travel list, it should be
As with quite a few places in Japan I visited, Murakami was a spontaneous visit. I’ll admit, I decided to get off the train at Murakami Station because of a contemporary Japanese writer, Haruki Murakami, and it was a great decision.
The Waters of Ryuugakubo in Tsunan
One of the top 100 remarkable waters of Japan
Ryuugakubo is a stunningly beautiful spring water pond on a plateau in Tsunan Town, Niigata. One of the top 100 remarkable waters in Japan.
Found: 153 results