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Okayama Castle
Discover Okayama's history through one of the city's most recognisable emblems
Discover the history of the Okayama Prefecture through one of the emblems of the city and a variety of enjoyable experiences.
Shopping in Okayama
Satisfy your shopping needs at Okayama's best retail spots
Discover more about the best spots in the county town of Okayama and satisfy all your shopping needs.
Okayama Korakuen Garden
Take a break by strolling around one of the most beautiful gardens in Japan
With the Kenrokuen garden located in Kanazawa and the Kairakuen garden in the department of Mito, Korakuen shares the title of the most beautiful garden in Japan.
Bizen Pottery in Okayama Prefecture
Traditional Japanese pottery in small-town Japan
Imbe in Okayama Prefecture is a quaint town that has given birth to the traditional pottery of Bizen-yaki.
Betty Smith Jeans Museum and Outlet
Unique jeans and unique history in one place
If you enjoy quality jeans and fashion, or are just looking for a unique made-in-Japan gift, make sure to pay a visit to the Betty Smith Jeans Museum in Kojima, Japan!
Kibitsujinja Shrine
Experience a unique ceremony of divination at this majestic shrine
A majestic temple in the Okayama Prefecture, where visitors can experience a unique ceremony of divination.
An inescapable hidden treasure in the Seto Inland Sea
Inujima is one of the many islands of the Seto Inland Sea. Due to its small surface area, you can go all over the island by walking. Just like its famous neighbor, the island of Naoshima, Inujima, hosts exhibitions of contemporary art, including the Setouchi Triennale which is held every three years.
Aya Cafe Uno
A neighbourly and intimate cafe
More like a grandmother’s house than a commercial café, it is a potpourri of different tables and chairs, of Russian dolls and a quiet but friendly terrier sleeping on one of the side chairs. I stepped in one spring morning in May, with the flower boxes filled with flowers in full bloom, in all different shades of pink and cream, set against the rich green shrubbery. The yellow awning and the quaint sign made it look a bit like a slice of Provence, despite the ordinariness o f the box like building that it is situated in.
Okayama to Naoshima
The yellow train of Uno
Uno is known as the gateway to Art Islands of the Inland Sea. On the way on Uno, you see glimpses of modern art, like the checkerboard decorations on a platform, teasing you for what lies ahead.
Inujima Cafe Walk
Take a stroll for some local fare
Inujima is a near deserted island off the south coast of Okayama Prefecture, whose population had decreased from three thousand to a bit over thirty in a hundred years. There are old bank tellers and charming wood cottages, like a place stuck in time.
Found: 169 results