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Cherry Blossoms at Kofu Castle
Reflections on the fleeting beauty of spring
Castle ruins in Kofu city with lots of cherry blossoms.
Rustic Spring Beauty in Enzan
Photo walk from Enzan JR Station to Erinji
4 kilometer photo walk between Enzan JR Station and Erinji Temple
Spring Festival at Erinji
Enjoy sakura at Yamanashi's most famous temple
Spring festival held at Erinji Temple in Enzan every year on April 12th. Erinji Temple is famous for its cherry blossom.
Yamanashi Cherry Blossom Guide
Head for the best sakura spots in Yamanashi this spring
Guide to some of the best cherry blossom viewing spots in Yamanashi Prefecture
Hidden Gems At Lake Yamanaka
Strolling from end to end of the Mt. Fuji tourist area
A cute tourist area tucked away in Yamanashi is Lake Yamanaka. A gorgeous lake with a stunning backdrop of Mt. Fuji. It is about a 2-3 hour trip from Tokyo.
Lake Yamanaka, Yamanashi
Mt. Fuji lake area with stunning views and lots to do
View Mt. Fuji near the calming waters of Lake Yamanaka.
Erinji Temple in Autumn
Ladies in kimono, drying persimmons and lucky light
Stopping to take autumn photos at Erinji Temple in Yamanashi.
Autumn Hiking in Nishizawa Valley
One beautiful vista after another
Hiking the Nishizawa Valley is especially beautiful in Autumn.
A Very Big Rock and Wildflowers
Sightseeing on the Kawakami-Makioka Line in Yamanashi
Huge boulder flung from a volcano 2 million years ago now rests beside the road in the mountains of Yamanashi.
Fuji-Q New Attractions
Tentekomai, Fuji Airways and Le Village de Gaspard et Lisa
Famed Japan theme park, Fuji Q Highland is especially famous for its high sensation attractions and various roller-coaster varieties. Recently announced, however, are two new attractions that may appeal to those looking to soar the skies.
Found: 154 results