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Sabae Eyeglass Museum
See how glasses used to be made, and even make your own
Sabae city and the surrounding region in Fukui Prefecture is home to the production of many traditional Japanese crafts such as lacquer ware, pottery, washi paper, kimono,
Sabae City Hotel
Near the station and Nishiyama Park
Located near Nishisabae Station, and famous Nishiyama Park, Sabae City Hotel is a convenient place to stay in Sabae city. In fact, it's the largest in town, and is host to numerous wedding parties. The hotel has a very nice Italian restaurant, Il Vigore, on the 8F, and a simple, homey izakaya on the 1F, Yoshimitsu. There is also a cute little shop, just off the lobby, that sells very tasty puddings. Rooms are small but clean, and reasonably priced. Service is friendly, and staff can speak some English.
Flying over Field Mustard in Spring
The color of happiness blooms in Sabae
Enjoy an aerial view of beautiful yellow field mustard flowers in Sabae City, Fukui. If happiness was a flower, it would be field mustard!
Nishiyama Park, Sabae
A beautiful park bustling with activity
This is a lovely park, known for it cherry blossoms in April, and azaleas in May. There are also a number of festivals held in the park year round. The park also includes a green lawn zone (most parks in Japan don't have grass!), an Adventure Forest, a Japanese Garden, and a zoo. An observation deck near the zoo offers up a beautiful view of the town and Hakusan mountains. When I visited the park in early October, it was just a short walk from the Sabae City Hotel, where I was staying.
Shinmei Jinja Shrine, Sabae
A beautiful place to take a morning walk
Shinmei Jinja Shrine is situated directly across the street from the Shinmei-en Hotel where I stayed in October. I woke up early and decided to take a walk. I found this shrine - the back entrance, actually. At 6AM, it was chilly, empty, and serene. The wood of the shrine building was old and dark, but there was a splash of color here and there that added beauty to everything. There were other surprises: an old beautiful wooden house, a statue of a horse, a pond, a long, long walkway leading to the main entrance. A couple walking their dog greeted me in English with a cheerful "Good morning." It was a beautiful day in Sabae, Fukui.
Sabae Echizen Lacquer Ware Town
One of Japan's most traditional, beautiful crafts
Japan is known worldwide for its beautiful traditional lacquer ware, and Sabae in Fukui prefecture is one of Japan's top lacquer ware spots. Dozens of highly respected, incredibly talented artists live and work here. Sabae Echizen Lacquer Ware Town is part museum, part gift shop/restaurant, part event space. This is the jumping off point for anyone who is interested in seeing (or trying) how lacquer ware is made. Also, tours can be arranged to visit some of the artists. I had an opportunity to do so, and it was an unforgettable experience!
Secret Sakura Viewing Spot in Fukui
Unknown park decorated with cherry blossoms in Sabae
A secret and beautiful cherry blossom viewing spot in the middle of nowhere in Sabae City, Fukui.
Deep-Fried Pork Diner, Katsudoki
Enjoy traditional 'Tonkatsu' in Sabae, Fukui!
'Katsudoki' in Sabae city, Fukui prefecture, is a rare 'Tonkatsu (deep-fried pork)' restaurant where you can eat 'regular' deep-fried pork dishes in Fukui, a place where 'Sauce-Katsu' reigns!
Glasses Museum in Sabae
Visionary craftsmanship and eyewear extravaganza
Nishiyama Park and Red Pandas in Sabae
Enjoy the outdoors and animals at Nishiyama Zoo
Found: 37 results