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Fantashion is a dazzling event showcasing young Tokyo designers' new creations to the world.
There are two prestigious department stores in Matsuyama, Iyotetsu Takashimaya and Mitsukoshi, within easy walking distance of each other. The Iyotetsu Takashimaya building is actually the terminus for the Iyo Railway Co., (Iyotetsu), the first railway in Shikoku and was also the third private railway in Japan. This follows the Japanese tradition of major railway lines that would build department stores at the terminus of the lines, so that they could literally feed warm bodies into the maw of Mammon from all directions with their steel conveyor belts.
LOFT is a new speciality concept store specialising in everyday commodities and lifestyle products.
The biggest outlet mall in the Kyushu region has a ferris wheel as its symbol and gorgeous ocean views.
All night entertainment in the Las Vegas of Sapporo in the heart of the Susukino Entertainment Area and a Ferris Wheel that closes at 3am on Friday and Saturdays
Lifestyle shop that is filled with innovative and creative products. It makes stationary shopping more fun that it sounds.
3 new apps from the Osaka Omotenashi Service break down the language barrier making traveling, dining, shopping and saving easy
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The new Tokyo Skytree Solamachi mall breathes new life into the historical old downtown Shitamachi district of Tokyo. Dubbed the a “people-oriented, new downtown",this