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Welcome to mini-Okinawa, a bustling epicenter showcasing some of the Island's distinct culture in Tokyo
Explore an Osaka market that's famous for variety of products sold! From fish to shoes to printed fabrics, you're sure to find something that interests you here.
Immerse yourself in Kanazawa's largest fresh food market, where you pick up incredible seafood and much, much more.
MIDETTE is a shop in Shinbashi,Tokyo selling the best of Fukushima products.
The Kuromon Markets in Osaka offer an impressive variety of food, a dream for foodies from around the world. The word market is called ichiba in Japanese, so this place is often called the Kuromon Ichiba.
A short compilation showcasing the beauty of Tokyo's old-town Yanaka district
Don Quijote, commonly abbreviated to Donki, is one of Japan's largest chain stores with over 270 locations throughout Japan. Don Quijote is famous for stocking a wide range of interesting and uniquely Japan products. 
In Kusatsu in Japan's Gunma prefecture, the Farmers' Shop sells locally produced food and drinks, including wines, beers and liqueurs, jams, cookies, noodles, and much more