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Japanese "dollar" stores pack an unbelievable wide variety of interesing items with quality that defies the asking price
Electronics stores, hundred-yen shops, discount stores, "Creative Life" stores, are some of the shops that visitors will find only in Japan
Always visit the 100 yen store Daiso for wacky souveniers from Japan!
In Hachinohe in Japan's Aomori prefecture, Lapia is a good sized shopping center with a diverse range of stores and food outlets, and a mini-funfair for the kids.
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Ameyoko is famous for shopping, great Japanese food all at a bargain or at least affordable. A real lively and down to earth place to experience the energy of Tokyo
There’s no denying the cultural significance of the epicentre of Lolita fashion. In the evening, the neon signs come out to clash with the already-bright colours of Takeshita street.