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Founded in 1980 by the Seiyu Group, Muji (short for Mujirushi Ryōhin), eschewed the glitz of that time, and instead led the way in natural, minimalist designs
Add art to your life at this intimate gallery to Taisho and Showa Art and Books.
Take a stroll amongst historic terrace houses and shops in the number one tourist spot in Kyoto. Sannenzaka is full of pleasant surprises and is a short walk from Gion or Kiyomizu Temple.
Find handmake keepsakes at Chion-ji temple markets on the 15th of each month in Kyoto
Stroll back in time in this street filled with the aroma of roasted tea and wooden merchant houses
Feel and breathe the culture of washi, Japanese living paper. A four level museum and emporium of washi where you can experience washi in many forms and talk to the master craftsmen. There is no better way to feel and breathe living art by making it yourself and feeling the paper fibres and water washing through your hands. Washi from all over Japan is available here in the cultural capital, Kyoto.
Just moments from the gift shops and geisha of Hanami dori and Shirakawa canal are two hidden jewels of Kyoto, Shinmonzen dori, “the new street in front of the Gate”
Dorama is a well-known vintage boutique among young people in Kyoto, and is known for its quality recycled or second hand clothing. The collection ranges from international brands like Adidas, Nike, Gucci, to more boutique designers like Jeremy Scott as well as local Japanese brands. Causal and sports wear were more common here during my visit, though they also have a few pieces of formal dressing. Some are made in US, others made in Japan or European countries in different periods. The accessories are also fascinating: hats, caps, earrings, scarves, necklaces and brooches.