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A conveniently situated department store that has everything a traveller might need.
For those who love department stores, Osaka will surely be a stop of interest as the latest department store, Grand Front Osaka, made its appearance this year.
Matsuzakaya is one of the world’s oldest department stores, founded in central Nagoya in 1611 when samurai Ito Yudo opened a clothing store in the bustling castle town.
There are two prestigious department stores in Matsuyama, Iyotetsu Takashimaya and Mitsukoshi, within easy walking distance of each other. The Iyotetsu Takashimaya building is actually the terminus for the Iyo Railway Co., (Iyotetsu), the first railway in Shikoku and was also the third private railway in Japan. This follows the Japanese tradition of major railway lines that would build department stores at the terminus of the lines, so that they could literally feed warm bodies into the maw of Mammon from all directions with their steel conveyor belts.
Mitsukoshi Department Store is an eight-story cathedral to shopping. But if you don't want to shop, you can play futsal on the roof.
Ein Open Department is an open air market at the Kobe Winery, put on by Hyogo-based Einshop, where customers can enjoy shopping, food, and interesting workshops.
Hiroshima Andersen: Hiroshima's downtown gourmet department store
by Lee Tan
Design buffs should head to D&Department Osaka, a design-led space in Horie district, close to the famous Orange Street. Designer Kenmei Nagaoka launched the project D&Department as a means of creating, sharing and appreciating enduring designs, and is especially celebratory of timeless Japanese designs and traditions.