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This shotengai in Fukuoka is the perfect place to buy traditional Japanese souvenirs.
The Japan Traditional Crafts Aoyama Square is a kind of a traditional crafts showroom and a great place to buy some quality souvenirs in Tokyo.
Top "Kawaii" Japanese souvenirs to keep or send back home. Loveable, cute, charming, pretty, and darling. There's so much kawaii-ness to be discovered in Japan!
Sankaku Boushi Road Station is located in the mountainous district of Kihoku. It offers game meat and souvenirs that fall into the category ‘Rural Cool Japan’.
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A charming, traditional Japanese shopping street in the heart of Tokyo. Just stroll around, get a bite and buy some souvenirs for your folks back home.
Souvenirs and local produce on sale at the Higashiura Road Station on Awaji Island.
A popular Japanese souvenir shop among foreign travelers with a traditional looking exterior.
The museum aims to promote a whole range of traditional Japanese crafts from Nishijin-ori woven textiles to Kyoto style dolls (Kyo-Ningyo).