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Blooming cherry blossoms

Summer in Japan

Summer in Japan is hot, in more than one sense of the word. If you have never experienced a July/August full of Japanese festivals, Fuji hikes, yukata, beaches, fireworks, kaki-gori (shaved ice), Tanabata, O-bon, watermelon, camping, green fields, Totoro and the amazing buzz of a million cicadas, then read below to see what you’re missing! Whether you are in Okinawa, Hokkaido, or points in between, slap on the sunscreen, grab a folding fan, and enjoy the heat.

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Ever considered skipping your dependence on congested public transport on a beautiful sunny day? If so, touring Japan’s beautiful countryside on a motorbike is a great alternative... More
The great Mount Fuji, emblematic of Japan’s natural skyline, looms high in the minds of every traveler in this country. If you are keen to tackle the iconic peak, and to do so in the safest, most enjoyable way possible, one local man could be your ticket to the top... More
Tenjin Matsuri(天神祭)- This is one of the most symbolic, water and lightfestivals in Osaka, also ranked as one of the three greatest festivals in Japan... More
Jeannie Gan
It's all about the bells. They're just so shiny and jangly: they're the cherry on top of my Nebuta Matsuri costume. Authentically speaking... More
Helen Langford
Summer is prime time for big festivals in Japan, and Kochi City is no exception. The highlight of the local year is a three-day dance / parade... More
John Gallagher
Every steaming hot summer evening for over 500 years, the people of Tsushima in Aichi Prefecture go down to the Tenno river. More
Chris Glenn
While Yamagata Prefecture is famous for skiing and snowboarding, its mountains definitely don't hold a monopoly on providing outdoor fun. More
Rashaad Jorden
Tokyo in the summer is smothered in heat like a blanket, but escape is not far away. An hour to the south-west lies the Shonan Coast... More
Peter Sidell
Shirahama Beach boasts white sand imported from Australia and a pleasant blue expanse of water perfect for swimming in. While beaches aren't exactly Japan's biggest tourist draw, the trip to Wakayama Prefecture... More
Ashley Haley
It was a sizzling hot summer day when we visited Matsumoto farm in Hiji. From Hiji station we took a ten-minute taxi ride, which led us up and down several slopes... More
Dieu Huong Do
The Beppu Hanabi Taikai (Beppu Fireworks Festival) is a must-see summer event. The festival is held annually on either the last weekend of July or first weekend of August. More
Dieu Huong Do
You’ve probably heard about the Japanese passion for fireworks. You may have heard that this or that place is ‘famous’ for its fireworks... More
Rod Walters
Hokkaido is the second biggest island in Japan and is located at North-eastern end of the Japanese Archipelago. It is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, the Sea of Japan... More
Ryohei Suenaga
Kurihama Hana no Kuni (or the more popular name Kurihama Flower Park) is famous for its seasonal blossoms--poppies in the spring and cosmos during autumn! And that’s not all... More
Abby Rodriguez
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