Tokyo City

Unique blend of tradition and modernity

 By Francesco Agresti   Dec 9, 2011

Tokyo is unlike any other city in the world.

With a huge population boasting 13 million people, you will feel like the city never sleeps. In fact, it never does! You will always find herds of people dining and drinking until late, only to find they have missed the last train home. Although this concrete jungle is known for its high rise buildings and futuristic technology, it also offers some scenic and lush green gardens. One of the most interesting aspects of Tokyo is the unique blend of tradition and modernity. You can walk out of a bustling shopping street full of youngsters donning outrages fashions only to be greeted by a majestic wooden temple tucked away into a small forest.

There is an abundance of things to do and see in Tokyo so you will be more than spoilt for choice. You can find pretty much anything here, including a full range of foreign cuisine, entertainment complexes, shops and much more. This urban city is notorious for its high cost of living, but in actual fact, it isn’t as bad as everyone makes it out to be. There is a plethora of discount shops and offers sprawled around Tokyo so don’t let your wallet shy you away.

For those who don’t speak Japanese, have no fear. It is very easy to get around in Tokyo even with zero Japanese language ability. People are always willing to help and most can at least speak basic English. The transport system is top class and arguably the best in the world. With frequent and punctual trains, you can travel just about anywhere within the 23 wards and beyond with ease. Moreover, most places are just a stone’s throw away from the stations, which means you don’t have to bother with buses or taxis.

Even after living in Tokyo for two years, I still find myself discovering new and exciting things as well as witnessing strange and wonderful events. You will be hard pressed to find yourself with nothing to do, so make sure you make the most out of your stay. Time will fly by during your stay and you will be craving for more by the end of your visit.

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Thang Nguyen a year ago
tokyo is very a big city with a lot of special things to explore.