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Known as a Harajuku for grandparents, charmingly traditional Sugamo is famous for a very particular item of clothing of a very specific color - anybody know?
Mt. Fuji greets visitors at Kawaguchi-ko station, in the Fujigoko area of Yamanashi Prefecture.
A mere 30 seconds after your train pulls out of Kitakami station you will see endless rice fields. The ease and modernity of Kitakami station is an ode to the JR East company.
Ichinoseki Station has local lines and shinkansen running through it on the hour. It also has large JR East coin lockers for storing bags, snacks and plenty of sitting space.
Morioka Station is a large northern hub in Iwate servicing the Akita Shinkansen, ​Tohoku Main Line, Yamada Line, Iwate Ginga Railway Line. Often trains will go from Tokyo
Japanese train stations never falls short of architectural magnificance and Kyoto is no exception.
Kofu and Minami-Kofu on JR-Minobu Line may just be less than 15 minutes and three stops away from each other, yet the two stations are as different as milk and coffee.