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With its renowned high speed rail network, it is easy to assume that the quickest way from Osaka to Narita Airport is by shinkansen, or the bullet train. Where this plan comes unstuck is the absence of direct trains between these two points. So depending on your schedule, the fastest way can be train or plane. Let’s have a look at these five options.

Travellers new to Japan find themselves mystified by the complicated Osaka public transport system - even the ones who've been to Japan before!
Kansai Airport to Nara and beyond by train or bus?  An insider guide rating the different options based on speed, convenience, frequency and value.
Peach Aviation, a subsidiary of All Nippon Airways, covers popular domestic routes in and a growing number of international destinations for surprisingly low fares.
Nankai operates local, express and the luxury rapit limited express trains from Osaka Nanba to Kansai Airport. Unless you want to ride at the speed of a donkey, avoid the local all stops trains. the express is the best value for money with a discount ticket from the resellers about 5 per cent off especially travelling off peak between 10am and 4pm at almost 10 per cent off the full price.
We all have our own Jekyll and Hyde moments. Like drooling over a rare cheesecake after two days of dieting. Or having one beer too many and regretting the headache the next
Osaka boasts an affordable and effective subway network that, like everything train-related in Japan, runs exactly on time and moves millions of passengers every day!
All you want to know about JAL First Class domestic services to and from Tokyo, the lounge, in flight service, frequencies plus the delightful surprises on the way