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Using the rail system in Japan. With just a little knowledge it can be an enjoyable, smooth experience.
A romantic yet slightly askew image of the legendary Japanese Bullet Train (The Shinkansen)
Everything you wanted to know (and more) about riding trains in Tokyo.

Plan your trip to eastern Japan's top destinations with East Japan Shinkansen lines.

D​iscover Japan with only one ticket in hand ­ the Japan Rail Pass. Combining the country's national rail lines the Shinkansen bullet trains as well as selected bus and ferry services, the Japan Rail Pass has become everything and the only thing you will need for your trip to the Land of the Rising Sun.
Take a speedy trip around Japan on a JR Shinkansen. Comfortable and quick, this is a far superior way to travel around the country than by plane (and more fun, at that!)

With its renowned high speed rail network, it is easy to assume that the quickest way from Osaka to Narita Airport is by shinkansen, or the bullet train. Where this plan comes unstuck is the absence of direct trains between these two points. So depending on your schedule, the fastest way can be train or plane. Let’s have a look at these five options.

Depending on your budget, time constraints and the number of travelers in your group, your best option could vary between the plane, train, bus, or car. This is the definitive guide to get from Tokyo to Akita with inside tips to plan your trip.