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From Kansai Airport to Kyoto

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07 December 2011
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Haruka Limited Express Train at Kyoto Station with some trains continuing to Shiga Haruka Limited Express Train at Kyoto Station with some trains continuing to Shiga

What’s the cheapest and quickest way to get to Kyoto?

Japan Rail (JR) Pass holders can hop on the limited express “Haruka”, which is a dedicated service from Kansai Airport station to Kyoto and sometimes beyond to Shiga. This is the fastest way to get to Kyoto, in just under 77 minutes. So for example, if you’re arriving from the day flight from Australia, if you get the 8:16 pm train, you’ll be in Kyoto for supper at 9:32 pm. Not bad for a 100 km trip!

Kansai Airport station is just on the other side of the walkway from the Airport Terminal. There are two railway companies operating, JR and Nankai. Nankai is best for Tengachaya, with connections to Hankyu Kyoto. JR is best for Tennoji, Shin Osaka, and Kyoto.

JR's Haruka operates every 30 minutes stopping at Tennoji, Osaka, and Shin Osaka before arriving at Kyoto. Some trains also stop in Hineno/ Nishikujo (Change at Nishikujo for Universal Studios Japan trains). Trains depart at 16 and 46 minutes past the hour from 9 am to 8 pm.

The first train from the Airport is 6:34 am, (6:42 am on weekends) and the last train is at 22:16, so if you miss it , then the airport hotel is straight after the train station, or get the slower normal express. The last normal express is at 23:30 (11:30pm), but actually that is too late to connect with the last train from Osaka to Kyoto. Besides the Hotel Nikko at KIX, there are a few other hotels nearby, including the Washington Hotel which is quite cheap and just 2 stations away. (Provided you can get the last train there instead of the taxi)

From Kyoto, the first train is 5:45am, last train 8:16pm. Trains depart at 16 and 46 minutes past the hour from 9 am to 8 pm from Kyoto as well. Train timetables are located in:

Even if you don’t hold the Japan Rail Pass the Haruka can still be a cheap option. Overseas Tourists can buy a 1 day JR West Kansai pass. It is only 2,000 yen and gives you unlimited access on the Haruka plus all other JR trains within the Airport, Nara, Kyoto and Himeji (except bullet trains). The one way fare on the Haruka from KIX to Kyoto is 2,770 yen (unreserved seat ticket), so you save money even just going to Kyoto. You don’t have to pre-purchase the JR West Kansai pass before you arrive in Japan, you can get it from the ticket office at JR Kansai Airport Railway Station, and it only takes five minutes once you show your passport.

Visitors heading northwards to the coast (e.g Fukushiyama, Kinosaki Onsen), or wanting to go to Okayama or Kurashiki in a four day period should also consider the JR Kansai Wide pass, which includes bullet trains to Okayama. At 7,000 yen for 4 days this is one of the best value rail passes in Japan! From Feb 2013 you can use this and the Sanyo Rail Pass for additional areas and lines as well!

If you are only using the JR West Kansai pass to go to Kyoto, and not back track to Himeji or down to Nara the same day (for example, your flight landed late in the evening), another alternative is to purchase the ICOCA and Haruka discount ticket package. ICOCA is a rechargeable card giving access to all JR and private trains, buses, and subway in the Kansai area. The package contains the ICOCA card loaded with 1,500 yen, a 500 yen refundable deposit, and a one way Haruka ticket to Kyoto. Worth 4,980 yen if purchased separately, the package is just 3,000 yen. A Haruka return ticket + ICOCA package is even better value, at 4,000 yen for just under 8,000 yen of value - provided you use the return Haruka ticket within 2 weeks of activating the package.

There is a refund adminstration fee of 210 yen if there are credits left when you return the ICOCA card, so the trick is to use all your credits before returning the ICOCA card. For your convenience, you can return the ICOCA card at any JR West station in the Kansai area, though the major stations (e.g Osaka, Kyoto, Nara) are more likely to be familiar with this new initiative.

Like the JR West Kansai pass, it can be purchased at the Kansai Airport Train Station office, and ordered online before you arrive.

If you don't qualify for the Kansai pass or the ICOCA package, for example you are a permanent resident of Japan, the other option on JR is to catch a normal express (called Kansai Airport Rapid Service) to Osaka and then change to a normal express to Kyoto. This takes at least another half an hour and you may have to stand from Osaka to Kyoto. This will cost 1,890 yen, but for my money and comfort foreign travellers should pay 110 yen extra for the Haruka with the JR West Pass.

Then there is Airport Limousine. More comfortable than the normal express, in the sense that you don’t have to change trains. Operating approximately every 30 minutes, this is a good option if you just missed the Haruka, which reverts from half hourly to an hourly service between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Bus stops are located outside the International Arrivals floor of the Passenger Terminal Building (first floor center). Tickets can be purchased from the ticket vending machines located outside the Passenger Terminal Building on the 1st floor. Go to bus stop 8 for Kyoto. The last bus is 22:10, and it costs 2500 yen. The 18:05, 20:10, 20:40 bus continues after JR Kyoto to Nijo Station, so if your accommodation is near Nijo or Shijo Omiya, the bus is a good choice at those times. Bear in mind the 18:05 bus is likely to get peak hour traffic and they are a bit slower than the Haruka. It is a bit quicker than the normal express, but also more expensive.

My inside tip with the Airport Limousine is that when you are going back to the Airport, you need to take the right bus. There are two airports in Osaka, Itami Domestic airport (often called Osaka Airport), and Kansai International Airport. Make sure you are getting the bus to Kansai.

If your accomodation is downtown Kyoto (Sanjo, Shijo) such as the Toyoko Inn, Westin, or Khaosan, Nankai and Hankyu railways have a 1200 yen combination ticket, called the Kyoto Access Ticket. You need at least one change at Osaka Subway Tengachaya Station, possibly two changes, depending on the train.Tickets can be purchased at Nankai Kansai Airport Station. This special offer, which is suited for those prepared to do some navigation and another 30 or so minutes to spare, is guaranteed to March 2013, but may be extended.

Lastly for those traveling with lots of luggage (e.g. Golf bags, skis, snowboards) AND wanting door to door transport to Kyoto accommodation away from Kyoto Station, there is the MK Shuttle Bus. It costs a little more at 3,500 yen, plus one check in size luggage for free. They don't take bicycles or items of that size unfortunately. You will need to book it by 5 pm 2 days before you use it.

So in summary my 6 insider tips are:

1. Get the JR Kansai one day pass or JR Pass for the quickest, value for money and most stress free way to go to Kyoto on the Haruka Limited Express. You need a foreign passport (Japanese permanent residents excluded) to qualify at the JR Ticket Office, or apply in your home country. If you are only going to Kyoto that day, and not backtracking to Himeji or Nara, the ICOCA+Haruka package is even better value.

2. The Haruka will take you to Kyoto in less time and hassle than the bullet train.

3. On the way back, should you want to take the bus, make sure you take the Kansai Airport bus, NOT the Osaka Airport (Itami) bus.

4. If you’re taking the JR Normal Express to the Airport, please check the indicator board on the carriage itself. Some of these trains split in two in Hineno (2nd last stop), with part of the train going to Wakayama, and part of the train going to Kansai Airport. (usually 5 car/ 3 car split). Make sure you are on the correct carriage. All the signs are in English as well, but if you are not sure, ask, or board a middle carriage and look for the luggage carrying passengers in your carriage. If you are on the wrong carriage, you should have time get out of the train and move up or down. The train should stop in Hineno for a bit, so there is enough time to move to the right carriage.

5. Passengers whose final destination is downtown Kyoto rather than JR Kyoto, should consider the Kyoto Access ticket if they want to grab a bargain at 1200 yen. However it involves 2 to 4 changes, and takes 100 rather than 72 minutes on the Haruka.

6. Take the MK Shuttle Bus if you have lots of luggage and want door to door transport to your accommodation.

Have a great trip!

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Bonson Lam
a month ago
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Great news! The offer for the special Kyoto Access Ticket has been extended. For 1200 yen, you can travel from the airport using non-JR trains and subways, but you will need to change trains at least twice, so if you are not in a hurry and don't mind some leg work with your luggage, this is an option for getting to Central Kyoto, like Sanjo or Gion.
Bonson Lam
a month ago
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Hi Kansaikate, I like the Haruka as well, and its a great deal for foreign tourists with the ICOCA + Haruka pass or the JR Kansai Pass. I am thinking of using the Kansai wide pass next time to get to Fukuchiyama and Okayama, one of the better bargains in the area.
User rating of this articleUser rating of this articleUser rating of this articleUser rating of this articleUser rating of this article
a month ago
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I always take Haruka to and from the airport. I tried the other methods, but if you have luggage and you get bus or car sick like I do, Haruka is comfortable and stress free.
Bonson Lam
User rating of this articleUser rating of this articleUser rating of this articleUser rating of this articleUser rating of this article
a year ago
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Hi Nejigs, thank you for sharing your tips, they are great and as I love traveling by Keihan as well (I love the upper deck of the double decker trains), so this is a good idea. Nankai and Hankyu also offer the Kyoto Access ticket, which is a bargain 1200 yen if I am staying near the Hankyu rather than the Keihan line.
a year ago
1 Vote up
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Well very nice article!
I just have to add AN EVEN CHEAPER alternative!
This is particularly useful for someone that will stay along the Keihan line in Kyoto, but will serve equally well (not with the same price though - read and you'll see what the difference is).
I did this on 15 Dec 12 so its updated enough!
I was staying at a hostel near Gion Shijo station. I got there using the Haruka option previously
On my way back I did the following:
Got in the Gion Shijo train station (its not a JR one) and got
the Keihan line (its only one line at this station, so you can't mix it, just be careful with
the direction you take) with Kyobashi Station as my destination.
This ticket costs 390 Yen.
Just be carefull because even though its one line there are different options.
Some trains stop at every station between Gion and Kyobashi, other in a few.
Take the express one that makes the fewer stops.
At Kyobashi exit the train go down, enter the JR part of the station and get a ticket that goes
to the airport. It costs arround 1160 Yen. So with a total of 1550 you can go to the airport!
Then take the JR express for airport and you'll be at the airport.
It totally takes ~ 2hours and some minutes, but it costs less.
A VERY important thing you should take into account is that the trains that go from Kyobashi
to the airport has a uniqueness: at a specific station it split in to two, so be careful to be at the
first 4 cars, otherwise you may end somewhere else!
If you do the reverse (take the JR that goes to Kyobashi, then change there and take the non-JR Keihan line train towards Kyoto and you stop wherever more convinient for you.
So, in case you stay along the Keihan line stations, you'll save a lot, because this solution costs less than the Haruka one (450 less) and you also save from a second means of transport that you'll definately use if you don't stay really close to the Kyoto central station.
BUT, the Haruka option is better ONLY in one case: if your hostel is close to a Kyoto station of JR lines. If so, since you got a day pass, it will cost you the same to my proposed option and will be quicker and simpler. In all other situation, I believe my solution is better. If you need more info, please contact me and I'll be glad to help you!

Have a nice trip to the super Kyoto!
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