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JapanTravel.com is a community site and we invite anyone with an interest in Japan and travelling to sign up.

There are lots of ways to get involved with our site, though many people like to contribute articles about their trips.

Earn points and rewards by sharing your stories and destinations with JapanTravel.

Each time you contribute or comment on JapanTravel you are awarded points that can be used in our rewards store.

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In practice, there are many ways to contribute to JapanTravel:



Site membership is free and open to all


Receive numerous benefits from signing up


Establish a name for yourself, build a published portfolio and a reputation


Our community gathers experts, residents and travellers – great for connecting and expanding your network


All site activity earns you reward points which are redeemable in our rewards store


Become a top member and receive paid opportunities, including journalism, tourism field trips and more!

In a nutshell

Joining is free and you can receive a great many benefits from signing up, not just the chance to earn reward points. Make a name for yourself as an active member of our community and unlock opportunities in writing, tourism and Japan-related areas.

Who should join?

We've designed JapanTravel to appeal to many kinds of users, from those who just want to use the site for planning to those who want to take a more active role in promoting Japan to the world:


Why not share your interest in Japanese culture and travelling? Signing up and publishing is quick and hassle-free. We support unlimited uploads and grant total creative freedom.

Avid Travellers

If you're looking to make a trip to Japan, sign up to start planning your trip and research some of Japan's wonderful destinations. Our Questions tool may also be of use.

Japan Residents

Share your experiences of living in Japan in our blog, or contribute to our growing Guides section, sharing your experience on any number of travel-related areas.


Budding journalists can use JapanTravel as a platform to build a portfolio or hone their creative prowess. Photojournalists are encouraged to apply to our annual internship program for a chance to travel around Japan under our support and leadership.

Media Professionals

For writers, photographers and videographers who want to market themselves professionally, building a profile on JapanTravel and sharing select samples of your skilled work can help unlock new opportunities and help people find you online.

Tourism Consultants/ Government

JapanTravel.com can be a platform for market research and regional promotion – contact us us to see what we can offer or sign up to the site to see how everything works.


Our Content Management System fully supports translation into one of 12 (and counting) languages supported by JapanTravel.com. Active, talented translators may be approached for paid opportunities from time to time, or invited to join JapanTravel.com as a Language Partner, helping promote and support one of our language sites.

Regional Leaders

Contact us about opportunities available to join our Japan-wide network and become the face of JapanTravel for your prefecture. Regional Partners work to improve their local communities at a grassroots level, connecting with local Japanese and foreign communities, and promoting your prefecture to our global audience.


Participating advertisers and merchants can get their own pages to post campaigns, specials, menus in different languages, etc. Become a JapanTravel Partner today and promote your brand to our international audience.


Earn points and rewards by sharing your stories and destinations with JapanTravel. Each time you contribute or comment on JapanTravel you are awarded points that can be used in our store.


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Option to redeem points for cash for any total over 50,000 points (Coming soon)

Selection for exclusive opportunities, trips, events and project work

Be eligible to test new features before anyone else


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Try out for Content Partner/Language Partner, and earn income every month

Feel free to contact us if you are unclear about any aspect of becoming a JapanTravel member – we'd love to help.


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