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The Cruise Ship Port of Akita

Did you know you can visit Akita by cruise ship? Akita's port is close to the Selion Tower, with views from the mountains to the sea. There are direct buses to Akita City and Akita Station, the gateway to Shirakami Sanchi National Park and the Hot springs at Tazawako.

Six Days in Tohoku

Not much is known about Tohoku to the average traveller; perhaps only the memory of the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake that devastated the region remains. But the region rebuilt quickly and has begun to reestablish itself as a place teeming with lovely landscapes. For nature lovers, this is the place to be.

Dakigaeri Gorge

Dakigaeri Gorge offers visitors stunning views of mountains, waterfalls and an iridescent blue river from the easy-to-walk hiking path that runs through the gorge.

Akita's Lake Tazawa

Lake Tazawa in Akita Prefecture is another stunning example of the natural beauty of northern Japan. Hiking, boating, eating, or even hot springs, Lake Tazawa has it all.

Osarizawa Mine in Akita

The mines of northern Akita were once the largest of Japan, and at one time, the world! Enter the darkness and discover secrets of hidden wealth, hidden Christians, and hidden adventure. Osarizawa, one of the most expansive mines in the area, has a history that runs as deep as its tunnels. The labyrinth of passages which snake their way through the Earth trace their origins back to 708AD!