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An overview of the Oga City Namahage Ride event, as well as a brief description of some cultural highlights in Akita Prefecture.
Lake Tazawa in Akita Prefecture is another stunning example of the natural beauty of northern Japan. Hiking, boating, eating, or even hot springs, Lake Tazawa has it all.
Take a break from the busy city just minutes from the station. It's Akita's Sensu Park.
Less than 20 km southwest of the famous Lake Towada lies another beauty of nature, the Nanataki Falls. Literally meaning “seven waterfalls,” Nanataki Falls was listed as one of Japan’s top 100 waterfalls by the Japanese Ministry of the Environment in 1990.
Did you know you can visit Akita by cruise ship? Akita's port is close to the Selion Tower, with views from the mountains to the sea. There are direct buses to Akita City and Akita Station, the gateway to Shirakami Sanchi National Park and the Hot springs at Tazawako.
The "Field Athletic Center" located near Akita International University is actually a secret ninja training ground. Don't let the name fool you.
Every time that I go to Akita Prefecture, I think it is full of mysteries, but it has stunning coastline too!