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Konpirasan Shrine

Kompirasan is the main shrine dedicated to sailors and sea-fairing. There are other Kompira shrines in Japan but the shrine in Kotohira, Kagawa is the principal shrine.

Choshikei Monkey Park

On a crest at the top of a mountain, overlooking the Choshikei gorge, tourists can visit a one-of-a-kind "natural zoo" where they can watch, photograph, and even arrange to feed wild monkeys. This monkey group have become accustomed to humans within the bounds of the 'osaru no kuni' (Monkey Land). After paying a nominal entrance fee, you can walk around the mountainside surrounded by wildlife.

Cycling in Teshima

The bike ride from Ieura Port to remote south coast takes less than an hour on an electric bicycle. Once you leave the township, there is only one road that snakes through the tree studded hills. Soon the trees fall away and a beautiful vista opens up. You can see kites circling over the wind currents on one side, while keeping an eye for the odd deserted temple on the other side. The roadside strawberry stalls and art installations will conspire to slow you down, and unlike the minibuses that circle the island, you can stop and take it all in, as many times as you like.