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Shodoshima is a pretty island in the Seto Inland Sea. Olives are grown here, giving the island a distinctly Mediterranean atmosphere.
On a crest at the top of a mountain, overlooking the Choshikei gorge, tourists can visit a one-of-a-kind "natural zoo" where they can watch, photograph, and even arrange to feed wild monkeys. This monkey group have become accustomed to humans within the bounds of the 'osaru no kuni' (Monkey Land). After paying a nominal entrance fee, you can walk around the mountainside surrounded by wildlife.
Kompirasan is the main shrine dedicated to sailors and sea-fairing. There are other Kompira shrines in Japan but the shrine in Kotohira, Kagawa is the principal shrine.
Yashima Plateau is the biggest green space in central Takamatsu and it has a great trail for short day hikes.
In Kagawa prefecture on Japan's Shikoku island, Takamatsu is a lively, interesting city with interesting sights and scenery around it.
A narrow peninsula jutting out into the sea, Nagasaki no Hana is a great place to get a view of the surrounding seascape of Takamatsu.
In Japan's Kagawa prefecture, the art island of Naoshima is also worth visiting for its scenery and beautiful ocean views.