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For a day of outdoors adventures, whitewater rafting and canyoning are a great option in Kochi. Refresh from your travels by playing in the beautiful nature of Shikoku.
Ryoma Sakamoto Series 1: Katsura Beach is located in Kochi city where Ryoma was born, and the place he frequented to wonder what was out there beyond the sea...
Why not turn the natural beauty of a beach into an art museum? That's exactly what the people in Kuroshio, Kochi thought when they started the T-shirt exhibition.
Anpanman is a very original character who both children and adults love. Find out why and how you can enter this strange world in Kochi at the Anpanman Museum.
Waking up to the sound of the rushing Shimanto River, it calls you. The sun not quite up, you involuntarily stumble from your tent, heading down - down to the Shimanto.
Enjoy Ehime's scenery with this brief but rewarding hike in the Ishizuchi Mountains.
This enormous public park just outside the quaint mountain town of Kami is perfect for a family day outside with young kids needing to run off some pent up energy.